December 01, 2011


Another dancing Santa. I knew which one as soon as I saw the photo. The ole fella must be so excited to have a place in the home of "dancing Santas".

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. Good luck with your sale. I'll be thinking of you.

Are they out of the attic yet Dana? I love your dancing Santas!!!!! I put a few Santas on my front porch this year, encased in the white lanterns left over from the wedding party. Happy Pink Saturday my friend. xo

Oops! How could I make such a dreadful mistake. They are in the basement....not attic. Poor babies! :)

Wish I could have been with you on this flea market trip. The ones around here do not have things this nice.

Hi Dana, I guessed the pink one in the front. Silly me. Of course it is the dancing Santa. I can't wait to see them in action again.

I love all of the vintage Santas and wreaths etc. I can't get that vintage love out of my head. I will always be thrilled in an antique shop. I know you had fun and I am sure the vendor could not resist your charm.

I have not been visiting much this week because I injured both of my hands in a fall at my daughter's home last week. They put out their outdoor decorations and I tripped over a cord. It is painful to get old sometimes. No broken bones, just badly bruised on the palm of my hands. Seniors should not fall!!! HA!

Happy Pink Saturday.
Love, Jeanne

The Dancing Santa for sure - of course I knew. Those Dancing Santa's making their getaway on the basement stairs is my favorite picture of all time! You need to post it again. I hope you are running out of room to stash all that money you're making this weekend. And Da aa na ( I'm still working on that pronunciation) you should share on your blog the things you make. I loved your creations. You need an Etsy store, girl. Let me know if you ever need help setting one up. Back to your name - my friend Barbara's mother who I absolutely adored called me Nain (as in pain) cy. She was the only one in the world who pronounced my name that way. So although I'm really trying - you just may have to settle for a long "a" Dana instead of a short "a" Dana! It makes sense though - no one pronounces "Dan" as "Dane" so I see where your mother was coming from.
I've just spent an entire morning picking up partial online orders at Penneys and Walmart. Walmart lumped they layawayers with us onliner picker uppers - huge mistake. We pickeruppers are used to moving fast and the layawayers are layawaying gillions of toys. Then a layawayer clerk spent 10 minutes telling me I had nothing. Finally I whipped out my smart phone and showed her the email from WM and that with the pickerupper clerk helping I was finally able to pick up my...CrOckPot! All that for a stupid crock pot. And guess what? I stayed calm and pleasant instead of getting exasperated then I saved it all up to gripe about to you - hahaha. Happy Pink Saturday, friend. Hope you have a huge success at the show this weekend. Love, Nancy

So happy you got the dancing Santa! So many pretty things - I love the pink tree. HPS!

ho Ho ho... Merry Christmas ! hehee Lots of love, joey

Looks like fun! Happy Holidays ~ sarah

Awww, how fun! My grandkids love my dancing AND singing snowman and penguins so I know they'd love your dancing Santa as well. Thanks for a lovely visit and have a great week.

Quel mignon petit lapin blanc!!
Bonjour Dana.Happy Pink Saturday ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Lovin' the flea mkt pink Dana!

I just have to tell you, your banner photo is fantabulous!!

Ahhhhhh! You had me at fleamarket! (Well, actually you had me at Pink, but that is a given on Pink Saturday! Looks like fun, Dana...I wish I had gone to one!)

Enjoy the season!

My absolute favourite is the little pink feather angel and the pink Santa, but of course you would pick the dancing one.
Stone Rabbit must be doing the happy dance ; )

Hi Dana!

I'm sure the Stone Rabbit will make Dancin' Santa feel right at home.

I'm still recovering, but I AM recovering; thanks for asking.

Have a great week!


Dana, Your dancing Santas are sooo jolly! We have one whose left foot has puppy teeth marks from a long ago pet...it's funny how those old ornaments evoke memories. My boys make jokes about how I have kept the old stuff, but come Christmas every year, those are the ones they look for on the tree. Enjoy your snow and stay warm. Thanks for stopping by Riverside Studios to visit.

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