December 09, 2011


Oh Stone Rabbit is so welcoming! We love to watch kids and their little plays..there is always something hilarious that happens! Merry Christmas!!

You are right the best is a kids program. I love them too.

I love this, Dana! Just the best!

All together now... aaaaaah.... SO sweet, you can't help but get misty eyed. Happy Pink Saturday!

How I loved the Christmas programs when I was a child. (Back in the dark ages ) and how I looked forward to my childrens and then my grandchildrens. And, it is wonderful you are in an area that allows them. So many schools will not allow the Christmas songs or the celebration of any kind and I think it not only sad, really, really sad, but horrible, too! So your post made my heart happy!
♥ Jil

All programs aside, nothing compares to what little children can do. I thoroughly enjoy watching them.

those Grands are the best part of life aren't they! my little grandson, "Romeo", had his program this week too... and I used those same words to my daughter... "the best part of Christmas is the children"...

Christmas Blessings. hugs. Dixie

ps... have to tell you that Candy and I have our first planning lunch on Monday to get ready for Roundtop in the spring... you should come on down!

Sweet!! What a sweet blessing that your granddaughter was able to be a part of that great play with a great message! My 5 oldest kids will be in a Christmas program next Sunday at church...my 3rd oldest son, Cainan--7, will be singing "Away In a Manger". I'm so proud of him for agreeing to do it on his own!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Awwww, this is so adorable!

That is just the sweetest, they are so cute.

Happy Pink Saturday to You and Yours!!!1

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

Love, Light, & Harmony, CindyLew

Hellooo? I'm dead last today - #153! So from down here in the basement of Pink Saturday - a merry good morning to you.
Yes, those programs are the best part of Christmas. I can pull up memories of both of my boys in their Christmas programs. And how did the Grand Girl get that old so fast. Look at her beautiful hands. I think I could pick her out by her hands alone! (And maybe the red hair.) The sign "NO ROOM" is adorable.
No news on the new babe? I haven't checked fb but you'll have the kiddos when the new one comes so I hope you'll have time to post. Keeping you all in my prayers for a swift and easy delivery. Happy Pink Saturday! xoxo Nancy

The kids are alway so cute and it does make the holidays. Happy PS

Oh, how sweet. I miss my children's little programs. My youngest is now 15... What wonderful memories. Happy Holidays to you, Dana!

~Debbie and Shelley

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. And, please give a hug to that sweet grandgirl. I know the love in your heart for that sweet little face. And, very soon you will have three sweet little faces to kiss and love.

I remember all of those darling performances from my son and grandson. They are our most precious gifts from God.

So cute. I love children's Christmas pageants. There is definitely room at our inn. Good choice for the Stone Rabbit.

Good morning my dear friend, Don’t faint, it is really me. I have been so busy with a Christmas party here (35 people) and my Garden Club Christmas party (38 people) Not here but a big deal held at our church. I have been having a grand time decorating our home and enjoying the festivities of these two events. Thank goodness, now I can get back to my friends. I have missed my so much.

I remember well the many Christmas programs our grands were in when they were small. It was always a dear event watching our darling grands. You captured some great pics to share with us Dana. You know how much I adore your grands and soon you will have another one. Oh, joy!!!

Our oldest daughter was here for five days and we had a wonderful visit. You know how special that is for us. She brought her gifts and we had so much fun opening them with her here. We made cookies and she helped with our party.

I too love to listen to Christmas music when decorating or anything for that matter. Your new CD's are very special gifts. Enjoy!
Time to get going this morning. We bowl today.
Love you much, Jeanne

I miss the days that my kids were in those Christmas programs...such precious memories..
I love the nativity with the little boy holding up the sign...NO ROOM

Thanks for sharing:))

And look at those bunnies?! Too cute!!

Hugs to you sweet Dana!

I love your humor.
Merry Christmas and Godspeed on a quick, safely delivery for your grand baby.

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