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December 16, 2011


Paula Deen has the best recipes and this one looks so yummy and easy! Great idea to put in jars...I like the look. Merry Christmas to you and your family! hugs, Linda

Sounds yummy! I'm sure the recipients will enjoy.
Merry Christmas Dana to you and your family.
Please tell Bonnie Merry Christmas for me!
Jill 00

Looks great! I'm sure the ones on your list will be happy with their gift.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Hi Dana..what a great homemade gift!! Love it.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami


Love that! Do you ship to Canada? No, I am not kidding! LOL!


Most of what she recommends is good. I do not cook, but have eaten a lot of things she has suggested.

Yummy! I'm struggling between making granola or snack mix for my co-workers and now you just made my decision harder by posting this recipe. Have a Merry Christmas! ~Roberta

Good morning Dana, I'm convinced, I'm off to the store to buy the ingredients. This sounds good. I wish I had some more quart jars. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I have to check my spices for dill.

Beverly called me yesterday because she didn't have net connection at the beach. I tried to link you but you already linked yourself. I hope they have a good relaxed time this weekend.

I am thinking of you and the coming baby. Did you get everything done? I still have one gift to buy for Brett and then I am finished. My son Brett and his wife are coming to spend the day on the 23rd. They live in TN about 2 plus hours away. I am so glad because it has been months since we have seen them. Brett is our son who owns the 1937 brick home I have shared in the past.

Looking forward to the coming year in May to visit you when we are in Gladstone with Bill's sister. We will have a fun time.

It is time for coffee and a Christmas cookie. Smile!!

Love you, Jeanne

What a great choice I mean the Paula Deen magazine and those treats looks so good also. There is nothing I like better than going to Savannah Georgia

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi Dana - I didn't see your link on PS yesterday and thought you'd had the new baby! I need to make that mix...it sounds easy and quick and tasty. I must have sounded a little more "holy" than I am...I do have our tree up and Santas on the pie safe and wreaths around - I'm just not getting out 80% of my decorations this year but that still allows quite a bit of stuff! A lot of my shopping I did online and Wed I went to several stores for a few hours and finished. Friday I wrapped everything. We're having the kids and nephews for Christmas Eve so I need to get my food planned. I usually have some sort of game to play that they all groan about and then last year I didn't and everyone was so disappointed. So this year I'm thinking charades. We've been getting rain off and on for the past two weeks - best Christmas present in the world this year. Have fun wrapping! xoxo Nancy

I'd be hoppin' and twirlin' too...for that great snack treat gift! Super idea....Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas.

What a great snack and a better gift. Thank you for sharing this....I can't wait to make some.
Merry Christmas

This looks wonderful Dana. Thanks so much for this great idea and the recipe!

Merry Christmas!

Hi Dana, Today is the day. I'm making the snacks. I will post about it this week. Thanks for a great idea.
Love you much,

Ok that does look yummy. You are amazing. I see your sweet little baby has arrived. WHat a beautiful Xmas present to your already beautiful family.
Sending you warm hugs on this really balmy Canadian day.

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