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January 13, 2012


Necessity is the mother of invention!! Now you know what you can do in the Snuggie...they might have problems getting it off of you!! Me, I battle with throw on, throw off, throw on, throw off!! It drives my hubby nutz!

While I laugh at the commercials I do think a pink snuggie might be pretty darn awesome to have and you have just proved it. Huggies to you!

You know I've been wondering if I should get one of these too. I'm always snuggled inside a blanket, but when a hot flash comes on I want it off as fast as possible. Think this will work for me Stone Rabbit???
I woke up to some pretty nice white fluffy stuff too. We have about 8 inches now. LOVE it. Poor Colt has to go shovel now : (
Tomorrow I have to drive to Montreal for SIster's sister's funeral. It's suppose to be sunny, but very cold.
Happy PS Dana.
Love Claudie

No pink Saturday is complete unless I visit Mr. S. Rabbit but ...brrrrrrrrbrrrrrbrrrrrrr this sent a chill down my back, we are having cold weather too ..it's in the low 50's and for us Southern gals that is darn cold !
being short and ummmm not slim ... I just didn't appreciate the snuggie. I'm happy you are getting good use from yours.

Don't trip and fall! I am so tall that it would probably come up to my ankles which is not a good thing since those ankles get cold!


LOL! Well, first of all...is it cold, reall? :o) We got snow here and finally...it's about -9 and without the wind...it's snowing steady...
Love those bird visitors you got and that Robin looks pretty rounded!

Snuggies are great and make nice gifts! I bet that cat thought it was for her!!!
Where is your sweet doggie?


Oh what a charming tale! I am glad you had your perfect afternoon in your pink Snuggie. And, S. Rabbit looked like he was enjoying it, too!
The pictures of the birds was so sweet. Was that a blue bird? I love Blue Birds and have maybe, seen them three times in my life. Lucky you for having the collection to watch, that you do!
I haven't been posting for a bit, but I think I am back now!
Jil ♥

Winter cold has arrived here too, it dipped into the teens yesterday and we got a measureable snow too. I like your pink snuggie-glad you found a way to use it!! My friend makes gorgeous afghans and she uses 12 skeins of yarn--so you can imagine how thick it is. That is what I use to keep warm.
Happy Pink Sat.

Of COURSE the Stone Rabbit would look super cool in a pink snuggie! Stay warm!
Wags, Niki

That would be the way I would spend the day if we had a cold spell like that. All warped up in a snuggie, sitting by the fire.

I've got a Snuggie too (horrible dark blue - my DH bought it for me - I wanted red...) and they are wonderful. My only complaint is that they open at the back, so it's 'surgical gown time' whenever I need to visit the bathroom. These need Velcro, lol. Happy Pink Saturday!

Yikes....13 degrees!!! I'd be looking for a PlugIn Snuggie like an electric Blanket! You and Stoney look very comfy...like your snuggie shoes, too. Ya'll stay warm! Neat pics of the birds...they look fat and feathery!

Hi Dana, I too have a pink Snuggie. I actually forgot about it until now. I need it because it is cold here too. We woke up to white this morning. Just a bit of snow but more than any we have had so far this year. some melted off but not much.

We are going to Atlanta tomorrow for Bill's hearing aids. We will go to Costco and visit my sisters at their antique show at Scott's Antique Market. The same one I used to sell at. My sisters are still doing that show one time a month. ( a four day show)I will be shopping for supplies for my journal as well. I made the journal and now I need to start decorating it asap. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Stay warm my dear blogging friend.
Love you bunches,

Oh what a cute post!
I need a pink snuggie too, as we are expecting snow here also.
Sigh...I love the photos of the adorable birds.
Happy P I N K Day!

You'll need that Pink Snuggie this winter for sure. Glad you shared the snugglie with the Stone Rabbit.
Joyce M

Such beautiful images and Lovely taken too!

My PINK post, have a nice weekend!

A pink snuggie! Oh you and the SR look so cozy all tucked in together. (and since we've never actually met in person...why yes!!! that snuggie would fit my tall slender long armed body PeRfectly!) I got Jeff a snuggie with dogs all over it - in our house it's like camouflage!
I used to watch General Hospital back when Luke and Laura were having their adventures - come to think of it we lived in Ohio then and snow was involved - you had to be really dedicated because it was on ONCE and it was pre dvr's and even vcr's and no cable soap channels or on demand so you had to BE there or miss it. I hope the snow melts and you have a mild winter. It's in the 30s here at night and 65ish during the day. I could live with that year round!
Stay warm! xoxo Nancy

I am 5'9" & my snuggy is too long to safely walk in. Thus, I put 3 small pieces of hook & loop tape on inside of base hem and the other parts about a foot up on the inside front on snuggy. When I get up to walk, I quickly snap, snap, snap the hook & loop together. I only need the front to be up so this works for me.
My DH gave me my snuggy, knowing how I hate being cold, but it is boring beige not cute pink like yours

Dana, Thank you for the detailed description of a snuggie! I have always wondered if that would work for little 'ole me. It just seemed like so much fabric!!! I did figure I could make some alterations easily. Now to find the perfect color...on sale!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Oh Dana...You are too funny. That Rabbit does get around 8o)
Hope you all can hop over soon for a visit.

LOL, Happy Pink Saturday, What a cute post, I love seeing the rabbit sharing your Snuggie. i do not like the cold either. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend. Warmly, Linda

Very cute post and I love that pink Snuggie.

Oh, I need one of thos snuggie to keep me warm in this cold weather..

Visiting for PS! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)


Oh How funny! I took the longest nap in my pink snuggie today and my kitties joined me ... it was wonderful!

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. You and TSR are staying warm in pink style. I gave my mother a Snuggie last year, and I would bet it is still in the box. I have her the child's size. She is not very fast to adapt to change.

Gosh! I really like your new banner. ♥ ;-)

Hi Dana, My pink Snuggie is out and getting used. I love the warmth of fleece. With Bob here I am neglecting my computer. He likes to be entertained and we play cards all day. Yikes. He beats me most of the time. I am getting weary of it all. He hasn't mentioned when he will be leaving. He is good company though. He is cooking dinner tonight while we go bowling.

Today is not a Snuggie day. It will be in the 50's but we are getting some snow tonight. Not a lot and it will probably melt during the day. I bought a new wool coat and I haven't worn it yet. A pretty gray and it is a tailored look. Not that I am looking for cold weather. HA!

How is the new grand baby doing? He sure is a cutie. My youngest grand is now a teen. Yikes, where did all those years go???

Happy days to you my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

Love your photos, especially the puffed up birds. I get puffed up in winter, too--especially around the holidays! Unfortunately, I tend to stay that way all year!

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