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February 03, 2012


Great job! Your cutting glueing and cursing all paid off! Thx for sharing



Wonderful journal, Dana! I am not sure I have the patience for doing something like this. Yours is beautiful!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi Dana, I love the way you described and took photos of your journal journey. I had many trying times as well but I kept forging ahead. I had bubbles, torn places and unmatched three ring holes. It was much harder than I imagined. I love your pages very much. Your theme is awesome and I'm glad you found what you liked. I will enjoy doing your pages. Good thing I have time to think about it.

Gotta run, I have lots to do. Like clean my house after two weeks of playing with my journal.
Have a wonderful weekend. I'm still keeping your dtr in my prayers.

Dana, What a fun project! I love these type of swaps. Your pages are truly fantastic, as is your story of your journey. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

Dear Missouri YaYa - I love your journal - what you used is perfect and so is what you didn't use! Those little peoples are too cute and you finally used your cricut! Haha - lowering the bar...my bar is always lowered! That's why I like using book pages - I'm constantly covering up my screw-ups with page pieces. Your book is full of inspiration and any book worth its salt is sprinkled with more than a few cuss words. hahaha And truly - that title was just picking your brain - you are after all the Abba Queen. I'm glad I have time to think of "knowing me" words - I'm all like- uhhhhh. Clueless! (do you like how I'm regressing to Jr. High vocabulary?!) And of course I wish you were at my Valentine slumber party - you are most definitely our yaya in absentia! Can't wait to see your book in just over three weeks! This is just so darn much fun! xoxo Nancy

Congratulations! It is beautiful and as one who has never done this, I so understand the overwhelming feeling of the paper aisle. I stay away from there. But, you did so well! Happy Pink Saturday!

Hey Dana...Your Bar Lowering certainly does not detract from the High Marks you get for your very creative and heartfelt Journal. I love the Victorian Theme and color choices. I thought your kiddie cutouts were pretty cute, too. I bet you can find another journal for those. A fun project with months of fun to come...Happy Pink Saturday!

How wonderful, Dana to be part of an event to meet other amazing women. Love this!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Looks wonderful. I want to do one of those events one of these days!! btw, I think the first cover was adorable too!!

You are so creative!


Your journal looks beautiful. Great theme and images. Modge Podge can be tricky, allowing it to really dry and often a second or third coat makes those bubbles disappear. It will be so awesome when you get it back. I think I would be terrified to work in another person's journal. Joyous Wishes, Linda

PS. Happy Pink Saturday!

The cursing just adds to the character LOL! I'll bet those Victorian ladies weren't nearly as straight-laced as we are led to believe :) I LOVE the Victorian pages, and your idea of each women creating her own calling card is brilliant! I'm a fan of that era myself and I've amassed a collection of calling cards! You have a sweet Hubby just like mine. Aren't they wonderful? Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Terri

What a nice thought..and what a nice journal. You did a great job!

Dana, your journal is truly a work of art and I know your journaling friends will really enjoy adding to it. Looks pretty darn perfect to me. I would have assumed that the spots on the bow were age spots since it's a vintage piece. Sorry to hear about your daughter. It's the worst when our kids are hurting, no matter their age! Hope the doctors can determine the cause and she can find relief soon. ~Roberta


Love this journal you made!


What fun! Looks beautiful..can't wait to see the resulting book. Hope you can come by my blog for a digi scrapbooking/desktop publishing software free giveaway! It'd be perfect for you!

Oh Dana, this is wonderful and I loved you walking us through the process. Whew....that was a lot of work. I have done some blog exchanges in the past and quit doing it because of time constraints and I miss it a lot. I think it's time I do it again. It really gets your imagination going and it's fun. Your project is fabulous and I hope you will show us more when you get it back. xoxo

This is fantastic! Though you have me singing ABBA's 'Knowing me, Knowing you!'
I would love to do this with a bunch of people!!!
Smiles and HPS!

What a fabulous journal! I love the Victorian photos you've used. I've never tried scrapbooking, but you've inspired me to give it a try. I popped in to visit from Pink Saturday.

Fabulous job Dana, and can't wait to see what is all added when it is returned. I hope you also included "creative" as one of your words, because that is the first word I think of to describe you :)
Also sending prayers that your daughter is feeling well again.

What?! Where is my comment? No comment from your greatest fan!!! Shocking and shameful.

You know I adore your journal, and I can hardly wait for my turn.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.♥

i am looking at Dana's journal right now:) So glad I joined in the fun!!

Kay Ellen

Oh Dana~~~by the way~~~I love it!!
I am so excited to add a little something to your beautiful creation:))



It's been a long time and I'm so glad that I found you on this post. What a wonderful project. It really is a beautiful creation. Would you nudge me when it returns? I'd really like to see what the rest of the group does for your book. (I can't believe that you've never done this kind of work before. You're taking to it like a duck to water!)

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