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March 09, 2012


Yummilicious post, Dana!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend for the sale.

oh that's looks really yummy!!
Happy PS!!

Kay Ellen

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! I love crisps too and yours looks delish. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Sandi

Happy Pink Saturday
That looks so tasty.

Looks deelish, Dana!
Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

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Hi Dana...looks delicious! Have fun getting ready for your sale and Happy Pinks!
xo Tami

That looks so delicious and healthy, too!
Good luck with your sale and Happy Pink Saturday!
♥ Jil

Looks delicious and wow - you posted really early! Is your sale tomorrow also? Are you taking pictures? Your stuff is so neat and I hope you sold a ton of it today. I got your book today from Kay Ellen and it's fabulous. You know what? I knew a whole lot of that about you already! That's why I'm one of your biggest admirers! You chose a really good topic but ouch my brain is hurting from over thinking what should be in your book. Kay's pages are gorgeous - you are going to love them.
Today I've been to visit my brother who is being so nice right now. I hope he stays happy in his new place for a while. The thing he loved most in this world...talking...is the thing that was mostly lost from his stroke. :(
On a happy note - it's raining, it's pouring and it's cold and windy and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Our wildflowers should be spectacular this year. xoxo Nancy

Well, from where I sit, that looks terrific! Good luck with your sale!

Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy

Wish I lived nearby and get your leftovers. Really looks tasty.

Looks so yummy! I love your PS posts! I always look for you & the Rabbit first.

Yum Dana! Yes, the minute I read cranberries I thought, "oh they are the loveliest pink color." lol! Pink or not this looks so darn tasty. Going to try it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Dana, Your crisp looks so yummy! Cranberries and apples sound like a fabulous combination. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

Cranberries and apples sounds like a yummy combination. I would have come and helped you eat it so you would have to eat it all! Happy Saturday and good luck with your sale!


Hi Dana, I'm sorry your sale was bad. How disappointing. It is a lot of work and no reward. Just think you will be ahead of the game for the next sale.

I think your cranberry apple crisp looks so delicious. I am week in the knees when it comes to any sweets. Cranberry is definitely in the pink family. You and the Stone Rabbit best keep running. Smile!

I just finished Shelia's journal pages. I loved doing it and I'm kind of bummed that it is done. I will just have to wait for the next challenge. My craft supplies are growing. HA! On the other hand I am elated to know it is done. I'll share it soon.

My cousin Marilyn and her hubs are here until next Tuesday. We went shopping today and I was late getting my post done. Well, not really late. It is not Saturday yet. Oops, yes it is. The time is 12.07. I better get some sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love, Jeanne

This looks so delicious!

Oh my that looks so deelish! I just ate breakfast but I am hungry again after reading your delightful treat! Yummo!

This looks so good and would you believe I have a Crisp on my post today...and, one in the oven, as we speak...this one is Cherry Blueberry and it is going to ready for our breakfast in just 9 minutes....and if I can stand to wait, I'll take a pic or two of it, too. :))
Aren't we so funny....Gloria of Happy To Be says she gets tickled at me, photographing every bit that goes in my mouth. hahhaa...I say, cooking and eating is about all I do so what ESLE would I blog about. :))
Happy Pink to you and the Stone Rabbit...
xo bj

Hi Dana,

I'm sitting here with my morning Iced Coffee. Boy your blog post is really making my mouth water. Looks scrumptious.

What a wonderful Pink Saturday post. Have a great weekend.


After trying all day, I finally got here. It's been a month this coming Thursday and my computer is still messed up. I have had the nicest Verizon technician working on it but they just can't solve the problem. Every wire in this house has been replaced and outside too. Sometimes I can get on the internet and sometimes not...It's very very frustrating!

So sorry the sale wasn't as populated as everyone wished...that's such a bummer. I would have been ticked too. Facebook is okay for some things but it can't beat good ol' newspaper ads around town. (at least not in my humble opinion). Our mall is good and we have lots of traffic but this past month has been slow. I am afraid to call in and see if I made my rent for March. ugh! I keep plugging along wondering if it's all worth it.

Hope you are having a great weekend.....it's pretty here once again and I am heading out to pull weeds. Your cranberries are definitely in the pink and the crisp looks fabulous! xoxo

Your crisp looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy belated Pink Saturday, Dana. I am so sorry your sale was yuck, and you even predicted it was going to be a problem. Too bad the organizers don't learn.

I officially declare cranberries a kind of dark pink. And, wow does that look yum!

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that looks good!!!!

Yes, I would say, cranberries are pink! This looks yummy. I missed PSaturday this weekend...we were out of town looking at lake houses. (We're never going to find one in our price range)

Check out the one I posted about ... it is full of vintage fun!

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