March 16, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday! I am glad the peeps got out and the Stone Rabit is "ready"! lol Have a wonderful St. Patricks weekend. Grace xoox

Love those green peeps! Happy St. Patty's Day to you!!

Susan and Bentley


Well, sure it looks very festive...I am just wondering if your other lovely "furry moving and adorable creature" is wearing one too? :o)


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! The Stone Rabbit looks very handsome in his St. Patricks day shamrocks and those peeps are are wonderful shade of green! Thanks for sharing and Happy St. Patricks day!


Oh my goodness I am a peep-aholic! hahaha

Happy PS & St.Patrick's Day!!

Kay Ellen

Hello Dana Siobhan McHare.....An Irish Stone Rabbit existing on a diet of green grass and green peeps. He looks so happy after being cooped up all winter. You have peeps for every occasion!
I was going to be early with my post but I couldn't stop working on your Knowing book! Holy cow - yours is the hardest book of the group. I actually had to think and not just craft!!! And when it reaches you it's going to be fabulous and I wish I'd done something more like it now! Anywaaaay - I'll put some pics up later in the group. I'm frantically making wreaths for Round Top. In between starting projects I'll never finish I actually make a wreath! TTYL...xoxo Nancy O'Reeb

Happy Spring - I love your bunny rabbit, he's precious.

Happy Pink to you :O)


Looks like you're all set for a Happy St. Patty's Day Dana-enjoy:@)

Oh, the Stone Rabbit does look festive in his sparkly wreath of shamrocks. I've missed him. Sorry I've been MIA of late.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and SR.

HEHEHE...too cute.

Green Peeps....I am one Green Peep of your Stone Rabbit Bloggy! Cute post...Happy Pink and Green Saturday!

Come on by CITexas Gal and check out my 1940 Fenton Collection and promotion of the 1940 US Census Community Project.

That Stone Rabbit gets all the goodies! Seriously though...those green peeps look like fun!

Have a great weekend, Dana!

Hi Dana, I just finished cleaning up my kitchen from having a couple we recently met at bridge, for dinner and a bridge night. They left about 11:00 pm and we had a lovely time. I made Beverly's chicken recipe and they really liked it. Our scores were evenly matched so we all had a GRAND TIME. They have their Master Bridge points, so they are very good. We can learn from them.

Corned beef does shrink a lot. I try to find the biggest one I can buy. I hope your dinner is a success.

I need to get some rest so goodnight my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

Love your green, Happy St Patricks day and Happy Pink Saturday too! ~Diane (I am #75)

Hey Dana, Looks like you had a fun day yesterday. And you sure got it right when you said having guest to your home gets you into cleaning mode. Haha! I finally wised up though and have a cleaning lady come just before we have company. It kills my back to clean baseboards and run the heavy vacuum (at least that's what I tell Bobby g). Would you believe I totally forgot about St. Patrick's Day. The day was so nice, that we worked in the yard, went to some yard sales and grocery shopping. Had a steak for dinner..no corned beef. Have a super great week Dana and do something fun. xoxo

Hi Dana, I just finished writing you a note on FB. You were on my mind and I was just coming over to say hello. There you were making the sweetest comment on today's post. You are right, I could be a B & B...wait a minute I am one. HA! Marilyn and her hubs are on their way to Florida. I have been on my computer most of the morning. I am so glad I finished my journal for Sheila early. Beverly has had it for a week and hasn't opened it yet. HA! Do you think I am rushing her? We sure haven't talked much lately. I miss that.

I have quilting lessons tomorrow and I haven't done a bit on my project. I better get busy. I am working on the bird quilt I started ages ago. It is going to be so pretty...ONE DAY!!!

It is dark and rainy here too. However, I just want to stay home and not have a single plan for dinner tonight. HA!

Have a happy day. I do love your cute header. I will probably never change mine. Sigh!
Love, Jeanne

Dana, congratulations on your newest grandbaby!! How exciting for you! I had cut way back with blogging a while ago for the same reason, I just didn't have the time. And then in August, when I lost my dad, I went into a bit of a funk and just didn't feel like I had anything fun to share, so I just stopped blogging for a while. I've recently gotten back into it a bit and was so happy to come and revisit you! I missed you and your sense of humor! haha Here's the post I did after my dad passed. He was (is) so very special :)

Hugs to you, Stone Rabbit and Twiggy, too! ... Donna

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