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March 02, 2012


Dana! I love the pages you created. You are such a dear I just want to hug you. lol I laughed when I read your post, especially the part where you said you researched. I am the same way I had all these words and phrases for Kathyryns book and and just couldn't get it to flow with her theme. I was trying too hard and then the last day it clicked. I was stressing because I want her to be happy. The word "Lord" made it very serious for me, no fluff! I did enjoy working in it and actually found it inspirational. It is so hard creating something for someone else. Thank you and Stone Rabbit for looking out for our Girl Marie....She's had a rough life! lol I am sure she is happy she is going to CA for some fun in the sun but will miss you and Stone Rabbit! Grace xoox

Your journal from Grace is delightful.I'm in awe of these beautiful journals created in this style. I'll just have to do some research wont I. Yes can you believe this snow we got today, as I look out of my front windows I see bright sunshine!!!! Whoa how crazy is this. I adore the way Stone Rabbit is adorned for the party ready to shake a leg. Happy Pink Sat.

Hi Dana, I am supposed to be visiting my brother but Bill didn't feel well. a cold or something.

I didn't see the tabs on Facebook. This is amazing Dana. I would never have thought of such a thing. No wonder Grace is so pleased. It is truly a work of art. I hope I can come up with something presentable. What ever I do it will be fun. I like creating, even in my limited way.

I just came home from errands in town. Marilyn and Jerry are in from MI. I needed groceries etc. I haven't had food all day so I must close and fins something I want to eat.

Have a wonderful weekend in spite of the drastic weather change. I love, love, love, your post. It was a very nice party.
Love, Jeanne xo

This looks like fun! Have you watched the movie about Marie Antoinette starring Reese Witherspoon? You would really enjoy it. Looks like your weather is almost like ours in SC. Have a great Pink Saturday!

A very nice Easter and pink post.

Awww - such cute pink things - along with adorable green St Patricks Day decor above. A lovely treat to take my mind off stormy weather!

Dana, how sweet the Stone Rabbit journeys & such beautiful creations.

I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl
who is sick.

Thank you.
Have a beautiful PS weekend ~


The Stone Rabbit posing as Marie, no way! Hilarious! Love the journal you got from Grace...but I know Grace...it was expected, wasn't it? Lucky you!


I must be "off my feed", sweetpea!!! You're beating all of us to be first. LOL Good show, chick....

NOOOOO. I have lost my comment twice. First my battery went dead and then when I was almost finished the next time it disappeared. The SR dressed as Marie is hysterical and I nearly spit my drink on the computer which is probably why it disappeared. Oh it is just fabulous - love the dress, love the booklet and the colors. Grace is going to love it. You do really, really great pages.
Tomorrow baseball season starts. Sigh. I really hope I somehow develop a love of the game. When my grandson's father who is also my son played baseball...1st time at bat in the 1st ever game the ball hit his hand against the bat and broke his hand - he was in a cast all summer. Then my other son - 1st practice - hit in the chin. So after that neither played again. And then there's Q who was hit in the eye - it was horrible and last month Jeffy got hit by a ball in the jaw and his face was huge swollen. Thanks for the therapy time here - I think I've figured out my dislike of baseball!
Love your pages mucho Running Dana! xoxo Nancy

Just figured out I still had the one word rule on my signature. Ignore please!!!

OH that Stone Rabbit is sooooo funny! :0) Love that wig.

On the Pinterest thing, the pics on my blog without the source credits were actually my fault. I had just started and did not know how to do it....so I just gave an overall credit to Pinterest. I'm still trying to figure it out! Today I used it again and found the way to give the sources but couldn't figure out how to type around the source/pictures and messed it up a couple of times. One of these days I will get it right.

I would be upset with Pinterest too for not getting back to you when you reported the abuse on your pic. Ugh! That is terrible.

HOpe things go better for you and the ol "P" website from here on out. :0)

Happy Pink Saturday Dana, Your group project sound like a lot of fun. I love that the rabbit gets into it all. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Cute and Tre' Chic.....It's nice and warm here in sunny Southern Cali.


I am so stinkin jealous.....I wish I was doing it! You really come up with the greatest ideas!! Love it!

Alot of work and alot of joy went into that journal! I don't know which is cuter, the St. Bunny's or the Antoinette Bunny! What a versatile hopper he (or she) is!

What an absolutely fun circle! Fabulous idea and the little journal is just adorable!
Happy Pink Saturday!


Love the pages! And, that rabbit is too cute!! Never know what he's gonna do next.

okay.... I didn't quite get how this journal passing thing worked but now I do. What fun! I could see how you could really get involved in it and make such beautiful pages. One thing though....I think you should have superimposed your beautiful face in place of Marie's. :) ...... That last photo of the Stone Rabbit cracked me up. Dana you are so funny and I love you for it. xoxo Welllll duhhhhh.....probably because I didn't get much sleep last night, I just went back and reread your post. You DID put your face on a gorgeous dress..... :)

happy Pink Saturday
Circle journals are such fun to be part of and these creations are stunning.

Wow, I love this journal! Of course I love Marie, so the theme is well picked. :) Looks like you guys are having so much fun with this circle journal project, whish I was doing it with you! Today is about 80 and sunny in San Diego, you should follow the journal here! Keep warm Dana! Happy PS. ~Marti

This is amazing!! I love love love this idea and your was so adorable! I want to do one!!! :) The Stone Rabbit looks awesome in his wig---what talent he has!!!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


I am so jealous. I adore Marie Antoinette. You raked in. I just love everything you received.



Okay- that last photo of stone rabbit in a wig just made my day! That is toooo funny! And how missy do you get to be first all the time? LOL

Oh my sweetness that stone rabbit dressed up like Marie takes the cake! I simply adore her! Love the beautiful journal! Have a lovely weekend!

Oh what a clever idea the gates and the party invitation and the Marie Facts page. I love the stone rabbit with the MA wig on--too funny and clever! Happy Pink Saturday and I am glad you are learning about Marie-- that era is so interesting, the furniture, the power some women had, the court intrigue at Versailles, art I just love that era in France.

Hi Dana! Oh, my Lord! This is wonderful! I love what you've done and you're so creative! Love your flip book and the colors! Research! Oh, I guess I'll have to do research too. Isn't this fun!? Now I just knew little Stone would get involved. I wanted to tell you, I changed my browser to Google Chrome and now I can see your photos! :) Yay!
See you later, allegator,
Shelia ;)

What a fun project. I love the Marie Antoinette theme, I don't know much about her either. You are always so funny, I love the rabbit's outfit!

Oh my gosh, Dana. I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the last photo. So, just what is the deal with TSR? I thought he was a guy. But, I admit that he makes a hot Marie.

Your pages are a masterpiece. Every single thing is perfection. Grace's journal is a treasure. I'm having so much fun.

Oh my gosh, that Marie bunny is so funny!

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