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April 20, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. You are a winner and champion! Pink Saturday would never be the same without you. You helped make it what it is today.♥

I love your interpretation of this theme. Leaping girls. Running Dana. You nourished that seed and accomplished a great thing. I'm proud of you.

Oh! Dana! Thank you soooo much! What a lovely post about my journal and how you found a place of inspiration in the theme for yourself! I can't wait to see all the sparkle for myself!! Beautiful story and thanks for the link back to me!


You did great with that idea! and I am so interested to see if the corn stalks survive...

We both had the same thought for Pink Saturday. I love your story. You know I always wanted to "run" and I always have a lazy excuse that I can't do it and I will die and my heart will stop!!! hahaha Can we say Drama Queen? That should have been my journal! lol So today as I read your blog I decided that tomorrow I am going to take time out of my day and Sunday and walk then try a little run and walk and a little run and hopefully by September I can just run. I am going to do this thanks to you Dana. This journal Circle has touched me on 3 books already has made me think and Ha! Your pages look so great! Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoox

This project is amazing and the pages are amazing! I think this must be my day to cry as this is the 4th time today I have gotten misty eyed. The first and second, this morning, and then as I read Jeanne's post and now yours. Why yours? I am so proud of you but also because your acorn into a mighty oak is what I picked out to go on my father's head stone. Too long to go into the story here but thanks so much my friend Dana for the sweet remembrance. xoxo Lynn

What a lovely post and charming story. What a wonderful journal. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

What a great idea. We really are a small world. I think you did wonderful interpretations and crafted them beautifully. Love those little girls.



That is the sweetest little card and I think you have made beautiful and meaningful pages to add to the journal. What a wonderful idea! Happy Pink Saturday. Linda

Lovely Dana!
How beautiful your running pages are- I dream of running someday- haha but i don't even walk! Bad Pixie! Love the Oak and tinsel nests for your acorns- that journal is really gonna be something spectacular!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Dana I read this this morning and didn't have time to comment but what a neat post. It's absolutely one of my favorite pages you've ever done. I love the hows and whys of the way it came to be. You always amaze me that you can run like that in the first place. Those little girls are the free-est looking girlies. Couldn't you just jump inside that card and live happily ever after? I had a dickens of a time coming up with anything for this book and it doesn't hold a candle to yours but it's done. Yay - way early. Kay and I are on the ball on this one. Have a great weekend. xoxo Nancy
PS Did you read Jeanne's post. You'll love it!

Your journal pages are absolutely beautiful, but I must say your story of the mighty oak and learning to run made them pale in comparison. Great story, you are an amazing person! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Diane (I am #17)

How interesting is this. A great way to make friends and ENJOY A FUN PROJECT.

You did a fabulous job with your journals and I love your take on those darling little girls.
♥ Jil

what a great idea and I love what you came up with. There will be a beautiful keepsake when it is finished!

How beautiful your journal is Dana...I love it and feel inspired..your running also inspires me. I have been wanting to drag my aching old body outside to get stated!!!
Have a wonderful pink Saturday..xo Tami

Good morning Dana, Thank you so much for your lovely comments on our Anniversary post and Beverly's post. It has been a wonderful journey to 49 years. I just can't get my head around how old we must be to be married such a long time. HA! But a loving marriage is ageless so I will still hang on to being young at heart.

Your journal pages are so appropriate for Kathy's theme. You are very creative and it is wonderful how you can create in such a lovely way.
I saw a bit of sparkle in one of those stars. It is a wonderful fun and creative challenge to create our pages. I too am loving the challenge.

We are going to the Biltmore so I must get going. Happy running my dear friend. I am so proud of you for for maintaining your running goals.

Love, Jeanne

Fantastic interpretation, Dana!! You and Stone Rabbit make quite a pair :) Your journal pages turned out awesome!... Donna

Dana, what a truly amazing idea and your pages turned out gorgeous! Congrats on your running achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. Happy PINK Saturday and have a great weekend, Nan

I'm loving all these journals in blog land lately Dana. You girls are very creative. Love Grace's theme. It's so her. All your themes are to each his own.
See, you inspired Grace to start a little walking!!! You havent done it for me, and most likely will not, but hey I've never even owned a pair of runners since 1990 lol.
You run for all of us and I love that about you.
Happy PS my friend.

I wait all week to enjoy your & Stone Rabbit's take on things.
I am sitting on my front porch, drinking a sip(or 2) of Ameretto, soaking in the springtime weather and reading your post - life is good


Dana, love your journal! Are you going to make one with cupcakes soon? Just saying...:o)


Hi Dana
Its been a long time since I have visited your blog and said hello!
I love your journal you put together. Very creative!
Have a happy week!
Hugs, Ann

This is such a nice post. Your rabbits are so cute!!

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