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June 01, 2012


Yep! The first thing I thought when I saw your "re-outfitted" paw was Darth Vader. You need to paint on a little pink flower power. Or maybe a sticker.

Let the pink force be with us all. Happy Pink Saturday.♥

So sorry to hear about your hand! I hope you heal quickly! Are you still running with your broken hand? I have the whole Darth Vader costume if you would like to borrow it for your next run! ;)

Dana,I'm so sorry for what you've been through, but just think of all you've learned about healing the hand & living with the impairment. Your friend & my sister Janet has been floating down the Danube & running around Europe.
Keith said the plane trip home for Janet & Jennifer will be 25 hrs, I hope they get good naps!

Really? I didn't know you'd been back. That cast looks ominous for sure. Beverly is right - you need to soften your summer look with a pink sticker! It must be okay to use your fingers because they're free? Did you find a bath sleeve? I googled "things you can't do with a broken hand". First of all you must be the only woman in history who broke her hand because it's all men who wrote about it. "Can I still bike"? "Gaming"? "Driving"? (One lady with a broken arm suggested - just go get your hair washed at a salon which is a great idea). Anyway - google that (or goggle it as my friend Carol says) the stuff guys fret about and they all had one thing in common they had to joke about. Pervs!
Can you craft? I don't have the next book yet which is good because I'm not feelin' the Christmas Spirit so far. Your KMKY book is going to be so fabulous. I love Shelia's dressing table.
Gotta go...take it easy breezie...and May the force be with you, too, Danath Vader.
xoxo Nancy

Hello Dana,
Happy Pink Saturday! I'm so glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor! You know what they say, 'No use in crying, it'll just make your mascara run!'
I fractured a rib two years ago and it was no fun. It even hurt to laugh and my hubby keeps me in stitches!
I'm glad the Stone Ribbit is around to lend you a hand. No pun intended! Hope you have a delightful weekend and you heal up in record time!


At least you have a sense of humor to get you through this new splint! So glad your recovery is going well and you didn't need another surgery.
Happy Pink……..

The French Hutch

Was hoping you would be much better today. I am not sure about all that black armor tho. Take care and spoil yourself and go to the beauty shop.

Dana I can completely sympathize with you. I broke my foot and it has been in a boot for 9 weeks. But, recent CT scan shows I can start practicing without it! In the meantime, may the healing force be with you!

You tell the most wonderful stories...I am always entertained. have a fabulous Pink weekend,

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that you fractured your hand, but love seeing your sense of humor. Great post.

Well Miss Darth Vader's assistant, I'm so sorry to hear about the hand. Looks like Stone Rabbit is sympathizing with you. Hope you get along and heal soon.

whahahahahahah May the Pink You are too cute for Darth mask. How frustrating for you to have to wear that brace. I hope you heal fast!! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

Bless your heart! Thank you for the laugh out loud tonight!!
Happy PS~~sorry about that darn fracture..hope you are feeling better soon!

Kay Ellen

You're doing so well, typing with only one hand - must be driving you mad! I love the Vader mask with the glasses over the top - excellent. Happy Pink Saturday, and thanks so much for visiting.

Oh no! I'm so sorry - but what a great way of dealing with it. And I have to say - this all reminded me of the hilarious VW Star wars commercial - have you seen it? One of my favorites! In case you missed it - I link to it at sandwichink.com/love-these-fun-and-friendly-commercials-for-the-whole-sandwich-generation-family :) Enjoy even more chuckles from it and GET WELL FAST! After all, "a merry heart does good, like medicine!"

Dana, that shrinky dinky cast is way better that the one Hubby had for ankle surgery two years ago and light years better than the old plaster jobs. We discovered Press and Seal and a rubber band to waterproof his cast so he could shower. I'd be heading to WalMart to get my hair done...Hubby could keep himself busy in the fishing department and I wouldn't have to show up at my regular place sans make-up. Keep your sunny side up and have a Pink Week. May the Force...I know the universe is safe in your capable hand/s.

Hi darling, gosh dang.. you poor thing. You did remind me of darth vader right away. My grandson would love the outfit.. lol I hope you're not in any pain and are able to function a bit better now... isn't this w/k fab??? hugs ~lynne~

Dana, Hubby said I forgot to mention a plastic bag held in place by a rubber band over the press and seal layer underneath. He never had a leak.

Oh no! I hope you are healing fast! So how did you break your hand in the first place? Or is that too embarrassing to share? If so I will understand. Meanwhile I love your pink Darth Vadar pics. Too cute. Hope you have a good week getting better!


It's amazing all the new and improved STUFF they have out their to fix our broken, whatevers.
When hubby got his compound fracture April 28.....he had to have surgery, 2 plates and 12 screws later, he after getting the stitches removed, only wore a brace much like your first one for a week, now nothing.
The Dr. said, your "cast" is on the INSIDE of your arm.
I think you are rather stunning in your darth vadar mask (tee,hee)

Good morning Dana, After two days of driving to weddings in our family many miles apart, I am finally having a moment to visit you. We also had my sister and two of her grands here for the weekend. Loads of fun but no rest at all. Two round trips involved 7 hours of driving on Friday and 6 hours of driving on Saturday. It was worth it because both events were wonderful. A great niece and a great nephew were married. Needless to say they did not confide in each other for their wedding dates. I can only say...How did they get this old so fast. HA!

Mrs. Darth Vader is a pretty powerful place to be. Yes indeed, you looked very fearful and strong even though your poor little hand is not!!! What an ordeal Dana. I am so sorry this happened to you. I can honestly say I feel your pain. It is a blessing you do not have to have surgery. The Stone Rabbit is so helpful. :) I wish I could be there to help you too. A pink light sword??? Very PS worthy.

It is 51 degrees this morning. We have had a bit of a cold spell. Nice!

Today I am packing to leave for Kansas City tomorrow after my Garden Club meeting. A hugs job because we will be gone nearly three weeks. My computer will be with me so I will try to post a bit. I am really looking forward to going on this trip and especially visiting you. No big plans Dana, just lunch out so you won't have to fuss. Please!!! I will drive!

See You soon.
Love, Jeanne

Ouch!! So sorry about your hand. Sending you wishes for speedy healing.

It's good to know that you haven't lost your sense of humor. I hope you heal quickly. Have a rosy weekend. Blessings...Mary

(sound effects: breathing as with assistance machine) Dana....I am your blogger friend!

We are so Star Wars freaks! It really is a bit Darth-ish....hope it works real fast...with medical costs what they are, I don't think you can afford a new mechanical finger!!

I hope you find the whole outfit. I'd love to see you in it.

Get well soon. You look so cool!

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