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May 25, 2012


Happy Birthday to us.
Happy Birthday to us.
Happy Birthday to all us "Pinkies" (especially ones with broken hands).
Happy Birthday to us.

Happy, Happy Pink Saturday, Dana and TSR. Pinking is all the better because of the two of you. And, I am so so so glad you saved me a pink cuppycake. You know how I feel about those pink cuppycakes. Maybe I should get you a pink milkshake to have with yours. I do believe a pink milkshake would speed the healing process. Or, would you prefer some pink wine? ♥

Let's all blow out the candles together.

I am sorry to hear about your hand Dana - How did you manage to break it???? I sounds very painful!!!! Mary Ann

Awful.Just.Awful When you run and I read about it I hear "Chariots of Fire" playing in my head. I guess you need to wear that cast/brace like skiers do (you know how proud they are of their broken bones) - proof that you're a real runner and not a spectator like me!!! Since I run with you vicariously the least I can do is bring you a vicarious pink bottle of wine and drink til it doesn't hurt anymore. I know you'll be back at it soon and I hope it's not too painful and you don't have to have surgery. Take it easy and, really...why hasn't anyone tied a pink ribbon around that cast? xoxo Spectator Nan!

HPS! 4th year!

Woo Hoo! Love those cupcakes and candles! I really hope you get better soon.
Where is the furry creature hiding? :o)


O, so sorry about your little bone. I hope it heals in record time. I THINK...I mean, I'm SURE if you eat one pink cuppy cake a day, the little bone will heal MUCH faster.:))

What a wonderful idea - and a wonderful sweet-little-birthday-cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)
Happy Pink-Birthday-Saturday! :o)

(⁀‵⁀,) ✿

Hugs and hand-healing-charms from Austria,

You did a remarkable job on your post with a bad hand. Wishing you a speedy recovery without a lot of pain.

ouch Dana!
Happy PS!!
Hope you are feeling better soon! Motrin & Ice girlfriend!!

Kay Ellen

LOL love that you have a stash of pink cupcakes ! Hope your hand heals quickly ... Happy Pink Saturday (())

Awwww! What a bad booboo! I hope your hand gets well quickly...Maybe I missed it, but you didn't tell us how you did this...

When I see the pink cupcakes in the store I always think of you and the stone rabbit!
Thank you for the fun post when you were in such pain! That is real devotion to Pink Saturday!
♥ Jil

Ouch! And, to think that you still did some preparations for pink Saturday! I hope you are much better soon!

Love visiting you and the stone rabbit...what adventures you have lol.
Hope the hand heals quickly (You didnt drop the stone rabbit on it, did you?)

Heal up soon! Happy Pink Saturday.
Love those pink cupcakes.

Sorry about your fracture and pain. So glad you could join in though. Love the pink mixing bowl and little cakes.

Oh no! So sorry about your hand! Ouch!! What a sweet post for Pink Saturdays 4th birthday! Hope you heal soon!

Happy Pink Saturda! Hope you get well soon!

so HOW did you break your hand. Ouch. And here you are, being so faithful and putting this post together.
I hope you treated yourself to one of your pink hostess cupcake.

Hello my poor friend. Your post is darling and I don't know how you managed all the typing. The hostess cakes did not appear in our stores for Easter or any other time. I know because I am constantly looking for them. Sigh! I have an idea to ask my daughters to look for them in Florida. This idea just came into my brain at 1:16 am. I know I should be in bed. I slept half the night on the couch and woke up in time to see the end of a movie I was watching. I hate that.

We have spent this whole week helping my sister move. Today was a heavy furniture day and I was beat. Things are looking good though.

I was happy to talk to you last night. I am so sorry about your fall. Feel better soon because we must have a bit of fun when I am in MO. No work for you. We can go out for lunch. I'll drive!!! Smile.

I'll say goodnight for now.
Love, Jeanne

All power to you for even attempting to write a post with a broken hand - I so sympathise! Can't believe you have posted every single week for 4 years - I've been with PS for around two, come to think - where does the time go?

I'm happy to say I'm back on Blogger again - WordPress was a total disaster, people couldn't leave comments etc, and it was a nightmare to try and post - so I hope you'll come and visit now. I've done a special blinkie for the 4th Birthday Celebrations.

Happy Pink Saturday, and hugs from the UK!

So sorry about the broken hand but love that nothing stopped you from celebrating Pink Saturday! I'll blow out the candle and eat my cupcake now...thankyou!!! Hugs, Linda

Happy Pink Saturday! Sorry to hear about your broken hand. Praying for a speedy recovery. Those cupcakes look delicious! yummm

UhOh!!!! Broken bones and cupcake makin' don't mix, huh? Well, never mind, you sure came up with a great Happy Birthday Pink Saturday Post. And you certainly deserve a Pink Pat for never missing a Pink Saturday! Way to go!!!!

You are such a sweet bloggy friend to put together this wonderful post for Beverly! I hope your hand heals well and that you will baking soon!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,
Natasha in Oz

Ouch you poor thing! Great post today. So sorry about your hand.call if your free next week for lunch . Take care

Thanks for soildering on to celebrate despite your pain

well....major bummer on hurting your hand...I am so sorry. Did you fall? You made a comment on my facebook page so that is probably what you are thinking. I haven't seen those pink cupcakes around here but then our grocery store out here in the country pretty much stocks NOTHING that the rest of American enjoys! The kids are coming to visit for two weeks in July so I am baking and freezing like crazy and made some amazing cupcakes last night. It's cupcakes with a peppermint patty in the middle. The recipe has two sticks of butter in it and melted semi-sweet chocolate. As you can imagine it's not for the calorie conscious but sooooo good! oh my! Happy Pink Saturday Dana and hope you are having a sweet Memorial Day weekend. xoxo

Oh no...I am so sorry about your hand! But you put together a great post anyway!! What a trooper you and the stone rabbit are:)

You said it well...These Saturdays mean so much to so many! Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

Dana, What a heroic post...smiling and celebrating in spite of the pain! Those pink Hostess Cupcakes are just what the doctor ordered! Nancy served them for my birthday gathering last year, remember? It was my first taste of them and I bought a pack for Hubby. We love having them in the freezer for the days we are between home baked desserts.
Be super careful with that wrist and and I know you will be a trooper during any rehab you have to do. Try to have a Pink Week in spite of the wrist wrap. Hope your recovery is quick and 100% complete.

Goodness! Take care of that hand! We would make a great pair this weekend, you and I! I am in severe painw ith my left knee and the radiating pain shooting ito both of my hips on and off! Ugh! I could have at least mixed the cake batter! LOL! Te stone rabbit is always so helpful! HPS birthday wish ad enjoy this weekend with some rest and relaxation!

A Happy belated Pink Saturday, Dana! I am so sorry your hurt your hand! I hope it heals well and quickly!

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