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May 15, 2012


Chocolate chip day...WHO KNEW. certainly not me.
I love a good choc. chip cookie with all the good stuff in it.
I try NOT to bake around here, as I have no one to share the stuff with (ex. my grandkids)...and I certainly don't need to sit and eat a dozen or 2 by myself.
but must NOT.

Are mine in the mail? Yum! ;-) ♥

Hi Dana! Oh, yummy. I've had these cookies and they are so good. I'll just have one of your please. I can tell Stone is about to chow down on some of them.
Your circle journal has really made me think! Only 5 words to describe me! :) I've finally come up with an idea. After seeing what the other ladies have done in your journal, I feel like dirt! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Hi Dana, I just felt I had to visit you today. Yum, a perfect day to come. Love those cowboy cookies. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I wish I could jump in and eat a couple. However, I do not need them!!! I love your photos too. Very clever and pretty in the cloche that we bought at the same place. It seems like ages ago.

Claudie and I are having a grand time. It is hard not to with Claudie here. She is full of fun and she has a great sense of humor. I posted today about our trip to Charleston. I haven't touched my computer since she arrived. Too busy playing.

Today we are going to the Pisgah Inn and a great place to eat in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The view is stunning and the drive there is too. One sister can't make it...DARN!!! Jane Anne has to go to the doctor with her daughter. My Aunt Shirley is here from MI and two of my sisters are celebrating birthdays. May 14th and 15th.
This was the best day we could all get together.

Speaking of daughters, please let me know how Bridget is doing. She is always in my thoughts and prayers.

I better get ready for our big outing. I always let time get away from me. Just ask Beverly. HA!

Have a wonderful day,
Love, Jeanne

Now I know why you love to run all those 5k's -- So you can eat - guilt free -yummy chocolate chip cookies, pink cupcakes etc. Thanks for sharing your recipe - I will have to try those little calorie loaded goodies!!! L, Mary Ann

And I missed it! Your recipe sounds like reason enough to celebrate. I've never tried these with oatmeal and pecans--yum! Those cowboys lived right. ~Roberta

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