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June 08, 2012


Happy Anniversary and oh, how I love strawberry shortcake...the old fashion way...with REAL strawberries!! Yum!

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Anniversary Dana, Looks like you have been quite busy. I'm looking forward to strawberry and blueberry festivals in our area too. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Darn Dana, I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversary today. Too much on my mind I guess. Your wedding photo is beautiful. Ah, those days when we were young and had such small problems to deal with. However, we probably thought they were big problems at the time. Such is life!

I want some of that strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm. You have been one busy gal. I am so happy we will have time together tomorrow.

Your son looks pretty happy getting closer to the big 40. I'm glad the birthday celebrations were fun for everyone.

That poor woman who suffered a broken bone setting up her daughter's wedding. There is always someone worse off than we are.

See you tomorrow my dear sweet friend. I am so looking forward to some 'us' time. AT LAST1


All that and your broken hand as well! Needless to say, my foot and I are very impressed! I am almost at the end of "my trial" except for the rehab but I'm looking forward to that! Your kindred spirit at the Strawberry Festival is a real trooper carrying on with the wedding. Then again, it's what mom's do!

Congrats on all the birthdays and your anniversary! You and The Stone Rabbit enjoy one of those lovely pink cupcakes for me too!


P.S. Strawberry shortcake for breakfast...sounds perfect to me!

Happy Anniversary Dana! What great pictures I especially love you in your Tiara to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. LOL Even with thte cast you do the wave so well. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!! I promise you will have the book on Tuesday. Feel Better Grace xoox

You have indeed been a busy lady. I am tired from reading your post. Trust you feel much better soon.

Wow - Happy Birthday to everyone and Happy Anniversary to the happy couple. What a week you've had and yet you managed to nail that royal wave. You look like a queen yourself in that picture taken 44 years ago. I imagine that cast isn't the coolest feeling thing. Are you supposed to exercise your fingers or keep them still. I hope it's getting where it doesn't hurt. And oh my gosh the mom at the wedding. Don't know whether to laugh or cry! Hope you're spending the weekend on your way to some exotic location in honor of 44 Years! xoxo Nancy

ha ha...it is fun to find a "wounded soul" to share the story with.
I LOVE strawberry shortcake....when I was young, my grandma would make me home made angel food cake, with whipped cream right from their cows, and fresh strawberries. BEST EVER.
good breakfast food I'd say (tee,hee)
Your wedding photo was fun
The colors for my (first) wedding back in 1971 was pastel yellow and green. It was pretty.

Wow...you really have had a busy week....too busy to worry with dishes...besides you have an excuse! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday ... the crown is perfect for celebrating...Queen for a Day for sure. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Dana, you sure have been busy even with the splint... you are a trooper. So sorry your sale didn't turn out the way you had hoped.

One of these days I'll find the time to get back into Pink Saturday!

That strawberry shortcake looks divine.Hope you had a very happy anniversary and enjoyed the birthdays...lots of cake for you this week! have a Pink Week.

Happy Anniversary! How interesting that the birthday candles for the grands could be used for your son just by reversing the numbers! (next year and the year after, too...) The strawberries this year are extra sweet due to all the rain and warm weather we had in early Spring. Yours looked yummy, especially with ice cream and cake. I do miss the Strawberry Festivals we had when I was growing up. ...and how wise of you not to buy something at the yard sales "just because"...

Birthdays, anniversaries, broken bones or not! My goodess! You are so busy. I always enjoy your photos and am glad I came by. HPS to you!

Happy Anniversary Dana!! You were a beautiful bride!!! Loved the photo!!! And great picture of Nate - Wow 36! of course Wes will be 34 this summer!! How did we get this old this fast????

Okay. I'm too weird. How did I miss this? So, I'll say a very belated Happy Pink Saturday.

And, it is all good. Fun shopping, strawberry cupcakes, a husband to love, a wonderful son and pink cuppycakes. Oh, and guess what. I just so happen to love cucumber sandwiches.♥

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