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June 04, 2012


A beautiful celebration tea for Queen Elizabeth II, Dana.

I need to catch up with my reading as I do not know what happened to your wrist!!

Hope you are all better soon!!!

A lovely tea you put on, my dear!

Ruby, Blue, Yellow

WHAT? A FRACTURE! Oh, you poor thing. I don't know how you managed to post a blog; it's a good thing that the Stone Rabbit can help.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue and white china.

Happy Blue Monday, Dana.

Happy healing while I curtsy in front of my IPad! I have those same dishes btw, and I'm sure the Queen wouldn't mind us using them in her honor at all.

Oh, Dana! I just say that you are looking quite regal in your crown and your flag t-shirt. You should invite Queen Elizabeth over for your celebration tea. I doubt she has a TSR - because there can really only be one TSR, but I am certain she would be charmed.

Happy Blue Monday - even if it is Tuesday now.

Dana now I'm smiling see you and the stone rabbit both is that charming crown! fun post and yummy sandwiches! hugs, Linda

Your tea party is definitely fit for a queen! Stone Rabbit looks very handsome in his crown!
Fun Blue Monday!

ha ha...I loved your queenly wave. I wasn't sure whether to curtsey or not??
So I did.
I love little cuccumber sandwiches.

So cute! Great photos, like your bunny..

Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)


Good morning Dana, We arrived yesterday after driving the whole way in one day. It was actually a good trip, just loooooong. We were here before dark. I think it is about 800 miles.

Tomorrow we are driving to Topeka to visit our three nieces and their families. That will be a very special day. They planned this get together so we can see everyone all at once. Bill's sister has three girls and they are all awesome and beautiful inside and out. Each of them have two children. We love them dearly and we rarely get to see them.

After that I will be pretty flexible to visit with you. Think about what is good for you. Today we are resting and it sure feels good.

Your post really made me smile. This is a big deal in England and for many who do not live there. I admire Queen Elizabeth very much. Oh, and I love cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea. They look delicious and you did good just to slice those cukes. I never add sugar or cream though. Black tea and cream and sugar in my coffee. Some people would say I am backwards. HA! The crown is a great touch. I pray your poor hand is improving.

I too love those ferns. This year I hung 4 of them across my front deck instead of flowers that were up to $20 a piece. The hanging ferns were only $7.50. I am budget minded with the Stock Market on the downward plunge. Yikes! it is scary.

I must get busy and iron my wrinkled clothes.
Love you,
Jeanne xoxoxo

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