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June 22, 2012


Ha! (I just couldn't resist!) Most good "Ha" moments should include a bit of pink. Dana, you did it! And, I love it. You have had many Ha times in your life, and you have given me many ha moments. Ha moments like false teeth and lots of pink footsies gathered in a circle. And, let's never forget Ha cuppycakes.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. Hang in there because more Ha moments are in your future.♥

HA,HA,HA!!! Dana this is a HA! post. I love your pages and I love you too. You did come up with some fun times and some great photos in spite of the trying times your family and you have had these past weeks and even months. There is always tomorrow, a new day...for good things to happen.

Thank you for the journal pages. I love them very much. My journal is a treasure to me and your pages make it even more special. Just like you.

My post is about our time together and also with Shelia. I did say Kansas City, MO. At least for today's post. HA! I'm working on it right now so I better get going. I have a confession to make. The darling bracelet is still in Kansas at Shirley's house. My photo does not include it today. Sigh! I wore it while I was there. I want you to know I adore it so much.

Last...I really do look very scared of the 'thing' HA!

Love you much,

How fabulous you and Jeanne got to meet and hang out and have some "HA" moments Dana and what is that "thang" she is NOT scared of. :) xoxo HPS

AH HA ! I seee you changed your header. Is Stone Rabbit jealous? Looks like you had great fun and your journal pages are really neat. Happy PS ! (ummm that is "neat" as in cool not clean and tidy :) )

Love the journal...what a fabulous idea.

You are the one fantastic traveling lady. I think it is wonderful and keep it up. We never know what the next day will bring. To me, you look like your are about to cry. I am sure you hated to leave such good company and fun.

Its been years since I've participated in a Journal Round Robin and this looks like it was a wonderful one. Your pages were a joy to read an Im sure the recipient will agree. Hope you heal quickly an that your future holds many more HA moments! Have a fun Pink Saturday!

nne is the greatest gal around! She is one of the kindest ladies I know here in blog world. You were very fortunate to meet here and it appears you two had a lot of good times! Thank for the share. Hope that hand heals quickly. Have a beautiful weekend. Anne

Sweet and happy pages. I think they came out great. I'm sure that hanging with Jeanne added some ha moments to your summer. I'm really hoping your summer is improving. You bring a lot of "ha-s" to so many including me. Xoxo


Who awesome you ladies got together! And this post is hilarious as well!


What a wonderful way to remind us to focus on our HA moments in life! Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru

Love how you did the HA pages! Hope things get better and there are more 'ha' moments this summer.

Hi Dana! You did the cutest job on Jeanne's HA Journal. Poor little you and I hope your hand is getting better by now.
Great snaps of you and Jeanne. Guess what? I got to meet her too! She and Bill came to Galveston! Such a sweet lady.
You take care and be a sweetie,

That varment would surely scares me:( Jeanne was brave:) Beautiful journal too:)

Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..


Am interested in this "HA"journal (it sure is beautiful) and you sure did a good job despite your lacking the "HA moments". Looking back for "HA moments" . . . that's great though. Sounds like lots has been happening that's not so good. Hope things are looking up up up and throwing in a few HA HA HA's. Like salt and pepper.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of your Pink Posts about seeing one another. I told Jeanne that it was like being there w/her as she got together w/you and Shelia.
Oh, and I LOVE your bluejean purse! That's awesome.
Happy Pink Saturday and lots of "HA moments" to come your way I hope. I read a quote on someone's blog for Pink earlier. Let's see, it said "We can complain that the rose has thorns or we can rejoice in that the thorn has a rose". Puts a different spin on it doesn't it? Oh, I guess I should just remind myself of Philippians 4 . . . Rejoice and again I say rejoice (in all things). Sometimes, that's quite the challenge, isn't it? Hugs, Jenn

HA! A great way to hare amazing moments in your life. I love this idea. Looks like your day was fun.

No one should have to endure a broken bone AND crafting! HA!

Love your HA pages.

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