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July 13, 2012


6th...hope you have a wonderful weekend with more rain and a cool down. xoxo Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. I like your hodge podge Pink Saturday. I've been wanting some good fresh peaches. Maybe I'll go to the farmer's market this weekend and get lucky.

I had some yummy lemonade last night, and it hit the spot. It was pineapple lemonade, and it had chunks of fresh pineapple in it. Yum!

Happy Pink Saturday to you and Mr. S. Rabbit... we are having a really gooood rain storm. We have had a bit too much rain. Wish I could find some good peaches, you'd think living in Georgia they'd be plentiful.

I love both peaches and tea. They make peach tea that is just the best.

Your peaches look wonderful! We are having a thunderstorm at the moment...been going since 11pm last night! Happy PS!

Sure wish I had one of those peaches! We're up in Michigan, and we're waiting for rain, too. Our grass is all dried out. Oh well. I guess we all will have a happy pink Saturday anyway!

We've been having those here one minute gone 5 minutes later rains too - but over a few days, it should give our lawns a needed treat and the birds are loving a fresh bath every day. :) Have a great week.

My very favorite thing to eat is a peach. Are you missing one by chance? The rabbit and I are sharing one. HPS!
Joyce M

Ummm...your peachy picture makes my mouth water. We live in South America and can't get them here. Happy PS!

I love all the pink, cute cell phone cover and text.

Hi Dana, We are home from camping and I am finally rested up. We had a wonderful time even though it rained a good bit of the time. Yesterday I hardly got off the couch. HA! I was definitely in the potato category for the day. Today I am off and running. Our garden club cleanup till noon and a stop at K-Mart for some miscl. needs. Like laundry detergent. Yikes we had a ton of dirty clothes and sheets etc.

Thank you as always for the nicest comments about my family. We are blessed to have a multitude of wonderful family members.

Your neighbor is so sweet to bring you those beautiful peaches. We are paying $20. for a basket that big. I love peaches too. Do you ever make peach preserves? When the girls (my daughters) are here next week for 'grandkids week' we will be making preserves like crazy. It is so much fun to do it together.

Love your Pink Saturday message on your pink I Phone.

It rained here too while we were gone. So many weeds in our gardens. Yuck. The temps are very comfortable in the low to mid 80's. I think they will be going up again soon.

I found the missing jewelry and I am so 'HA' happy. Your gift of my charm bracelet was in the missing jewelry. I was so upset. Bill put it it his computer bag. Did I tell you this??? HA!, I am in the memory lapse age. However, I can still play a mean game of Bridge, so all is not lost.

I miss you and love you dearly,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Nice and cute share:)

Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by..


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