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July 06, 2012


Dana, your Fourth of July looked just perfect - All-American, family and fun. And, you had just the exact right of pink in those ten little toes. So sweet.

Happy Pink Saturday.♥ I hope you get to shed your splint. You will be dancing a jig. But, no tripping please.

Hi Dana, you amaze me with how quickly you link at three o'clock. HA! I finished my post at three and saw an error so I had to correct it first.

Thank you for the sweet comment about my family. We are blessed to be in a family where there is no one to be ashamed of. There is over 150 family members just from my parents. It boggles the mind. HA!

Your fourth of July celebration is so terrific. Your photos make me feel like I was there. However, I am glad I 'felt' like I was there and instead enjoying my air cond. in my home. We chilled and it felt good. Your grands are so darling. The parade is always fun and everyone is having a good time. That is the way the 4th of July should be.

I'm glad your hand is improving but you still have a ways to go. When I broke my thumb I was in a hard cast for 6 weeks. Then a LOT of therapy to get it moving again. I think it is good that you can remove the splint and do some easy exercises. That will keep your hand easier to fix in therapy. You poor thing.

You made me smile about the four leaf clover. One time my car broke down with all five of my little ones with me. I kept telling the children to look for a four leaf clover and help would come when we found one. The clover was growing all over the side of the road. Wouldn't you know I found the most beautiful large four leaf clover and help arrived almost at the same time. My kids were believers. HA!

Happy cooler days are wished for you my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

It all looks so wonderful and All American. You are really brave to get out in the heat! The kids look adorable - I think I remember your pictures of your grandgirl when she had no brothers! The firetruck is so cool and what a sweet guy to build stairs. It looks like it was the best seat in the house. The baby feet are the sweetest and what a little trooper to just sleep the heat away instead of getting fussy. I hope it cools off there - it looks like you guys are getting the absolute worst of the heat. Hope your hand has healed enough to get something a little cooler and lighter. Loved your post and your pictures. xo Nancy

I'm back...Remember when I did my post I thought I had left some of my jewelry at Shirley's. Well, Bill just found the box I thought I left in his camera bag. Poor Shirley has been going crazy looking for it. What a guy. What possessed him to do that? I was worried sick about my HA charm bracelet. I love it so much. Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift as well as everything you gave me. I am using the post it heart so often. It is so handy.

All's well that ends well!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time on the 4th, and it's great news you are nearly all better again. Happy Pink Saturday from a cold and raining UK!


How fun! Was it hot there as well? We are roasting in T.O.


Dana, we attended our neighborhood parade too. It's fun to see everyone turn out in their patriotic colors.

Looks like a fabulous day. And, I just love those sweet baby feet!

You and your family know how to enjoy a traditional 4th of July! Your grandkids are growing so quickly. I like to nuzzle necks and that shot of grandboy #1 shows the perfect neck to nuzzle!

yep....we used to spend hours looking for 4 leaf clovers too and this year for some reason my front yard is full of the stuff but brings in the bees too so NO barefootin' for me! LOL....Happy 4th Dana and HPS xo

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