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August 10, 2012


Well, Dana. To say that I'm impressed would be a gross understatement. I think Wow!!! times 1000 would be more accurate. Just look at you. Girl, this is just way too clever, way too cool and way to awesome. (Have you figured out that I love this?)

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend and circle journal partner.♥♥♥

I would have never ever thought of this and it is so creative and original. Absolutely, "hands down" I adore your pages. And you gave me the Wisest of Words....Hook Em! And your black cast on your hand is so perfect! Wonderful, wonderful pages. I enlarged every picture and now I can't wait to see this in person! It has been such pleasure and I'm so glad I was part of this group. Great Job!

Hook 'Em! LonghornNan!

Wow, what an accomplishment...and how much fun it must have been to work on! Hope all is well with Dana and the SR...

That was the greatest idea...I don't know how you thought of it...but I have to HAND it to you...you did a fantastic job!

Holy Moly, that looks great. I mean...REALLY GREAT. You put some great thought into those pages. What a cool idea.
I love how Jeanne`s theme was HA...she uses that all the time and I love it..love her.

Hi Dana, your pages are wonderful! I have so enjoyed watching the progress of these fabulous journals. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

Those are so sweet, I just love the hands....so pretty!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful night!

Clever, original, adorable - looks wonderful!!! So envious of the owner of this journal!! Hope you have a fun pink saturday!

That is so (very) neat and creative. I can't imagine being Shelia and getting a sneak peek at all the pages. I know I read a post about one of the journals - but can't remember who posted it. Sounds like something very fun to do and it gives off huge amounts of inspiration. So much fun and creativity out there. Love the way you did each of the hands and the whole 2-page layout. Very creative. Perfect! Happy Pink Saturday!

That would have been fun to swaps. I love doing the swaps
Hope you have a fun and safe PS
Dream Big

Hey Girl....you are doing a spectaluar job on the Journal. Love the Hand theme! Very inspiring indeed....makes me want to get back to my scrapbooking. I just finished a BIG project and still need a bit more time to recover, but I tell you this post sure gives me ideas. Great job....Happy Pink Saturday!!!!

One beautiful and interesting journal..

Visiting from Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..


Dana, this is just too darling. You are so clever my dear friend. Charming and you covered Shelia's theme perfectly. You are right about this journal journey. I am constantly thinking about what I can do for the next two pages I must create. This is the most rewarding and fun project. I will be sad when we are done. However, I will be thrilled to see my journal when it is finished.

The Beth Moore event 'Living Proof' was fabulous. So inspiring and I am now one of her millions of fans. Thirteen thousand five hundred people attended the wonderful event this weekend. I am so glad I was able to go. We arrived home tonight at 6:00pm. So glad to be home safe and sound. The roads were crowded and rainy. We rode in the Church bus with 22 women. Yikes. It was crowded and without a real experienced driver it was scary.

Love, Jeanne

Five miles is awesome Dana. You just keep getting better. How is your hand holding up?

Hi Dana,

I'm dropping by to keep in touch. Thanks for sharing your album. You're all so clever.
I especially like how each hand shows something about its owner.

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