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October 26, 2012


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. You are our "Pinkie" champion. But, you made me laugh aloud about the squirrel on your head.

Love the pink windmill and that this family is so supportive. The cause needs all the help it can get.

Hi Dana, Laughing here thinking of you singing happy birthday to no one. HA! You are a dear to think of it all. Especially while running. Thank you so much.

The business with the Pink windmill is awesome. I too love the sun in the cement. It is a great feeling to go to a business and feel special. Nice!!!

Your marathon photos are awesome. You all look energetic and excited and I don't wonder. If I ever tried to run at all I would be so proud of myself. Not going to happen. HA! So...you are thinking of running longer. I am sure you can Dana. Keep working on you co-runners. Your niece is adorable.

We are at Christina's and dinner is ready. I made Penny's chili. Smells good.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love you bunches,

Happy Pink Saturday. Congratulations on your run you are awesome! What a cute Pink and the sun in the walkwas was adorable. Grace xoox

Bless you far running and making it to the end. I cannot run or jog. My body does not like it. Walking is fine tho.

I never thought I'd live to see a pink windmill. How neat! My wife is a breast cancer survivor, so I can really appreciate your post. Oh. I love the squirrel on your head. :O)

{{{{ DANA }}}}....THIS is wonderful. I am proud of you, girlfriend.
I love that pink windmill, too, and if I HAD a windmill, I would paint mine pink, too. I think more PINK around will heighten awareness of this terrible disease.
Have a great weekend...
xo bj

Congratulations! I'm always so impressed and proud of those who run (as I walk and cheer you on). And yes, what an asset to the community is that Pink windmill and nursery.

Love the story about the family business and their pink windmill. Love how you continue to inspire me and LOVE the squirrel :)

You know what - I read an article about that very hill - Al Gore said global warming caused a shift in the earth increasing the steepness of it by 4 degrees! No wonder your time was a bit longer!!!
My gosh - your niece looks more like your daughter than your daughter does. I think it's such a great tribute to your sister that you two run together. How did the graveyard run go today. Burrrr. I hope you got warmed up. Don't you think it's great that cemeteries are hosting events like these? There is always something going on at Greenlawn in Columbus.
I love the Pink windmill! I don't ever remember seeing pictures of it before - how have you not posted it before or did I just miss it?
Going to FB now to see if you have any pictures. xoxo Nancy
PS - I did finally do a PS post.

Hi Dana -- Couldn't walk this year; foot is in a boot after a bad fall, but doing fine -- Love, love the pink windmill -- Please join us in our giveaway to support BCAM -- I'm No. 55 over at PS, meet Posey Hope and read her story. thanks Terri

That pink windmill is so dang fun !!! It must feel very rewarding to you to be able to do these runs. YOU GO GIRL

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