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January 04, 2013


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana and TSR. The two of you are an inspiration. You will be purchasing a wonderful surprise before you know it.

Happy New Year to you and The Stone Rabbit! I'm not a runner but plan to cruise around town on my beach cruiser for more exercise this year. I hope none of the little gems from your jar make it into my bicycle tires! I'm hoping my reward will be getting off the weight I gained while laid up with a broken foot this past year!


Money is a big incentive for doing a lot of things. Keep at it. I used to walk four miles a day, but no more. I am going to start when it gets a little warmer.

Hello...This is my first visit to your blog. I found you through Beverly's Pink Saturday. I really enjoyed this post. I am not a runner (shudders)--I love to walk, and I think it's very creative that you keep a jar of things you find on your runs.

Happy New Year to you. :)

Wishing you a healthy 2013. I
Luv the rabbit's sweat band

What a fun idea to have the jars, both for your reward and the things you find. I would only have given myself a dollar so far, but, hey, it's only the 4th!

So fun! I keep missing the snow due to travel needs. I'm praying for plenty this year (but not toooo much) to kill all the bugs and allergens that so plagued my grandkids AND my senior mom. Have a lovely New Year as well! :)

Hi Dana, My word, what a bunch of stuff you found running. I too am a ground watcher so I can avoid falling hopefully. Love that snow. Just enough to make your run more fun.

I also love the tip yourself plan for running or exercising. I'm on it!!! A great plan to start 2013. It is so nice that you have inspired the Stone Rabbit. Smile.

I am looking forward to doing some valentines. I have never made them before but I'm going to try to be creative. I like a challenge.

This week I am going to visit more for PS. It is sort of my New Years resolution. I enjoy visiting and I have not been very good this past year.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Jeanne

I still can't believe you can run like you do - you should be rich by the end of the year. The snow looks so beautiful - I used to love to go outside at night for a walk in the snow...well the first snowfall anyway. I'd like to at least be able to walk but it's like a leaky pipe - fix one thing and another thing springs a leak. It actually snowed in Central Texas today but not at our house. Rainy, a little sleet and cold - pretty cozy actually! Better get to bed... I'm going to a craft class tomorrow with or in place of Barbara. Did you start your pages yet. I love having these things to work on while watching t.v.
Watch those icy streets when you're running! xo Nancy

The jar with the things you've found is pretty funny. Could be an interesting accumulation over the course of a year.
Stone Rabbit has his sweat band on and ready to GO !!
Actually, I don't know if I even KNOW...if stone rabbit is a BOY or a Girl??

hahhhaa...I love your two jars...and think it's neat to tip yourself. :)
Now, I am wanting to know what WENDY wants to know...Is Stony a boy or girl..?

Oh my, Dana, you're collecting money from the streets--um, that sounds a bit . . . [LOL]

I do hope that Stone Rabbit watches where he hops!

I walk with my eyes down because I have neuropathy and cannot feel much below my knees. However, I'm not finding goodies like you did.

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