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February 01, 2013


Hello Dana, I believe in you. Smile. I love the socks, the Santa run and your dedication to your goal to keep running. I need to get inspired to start walking again and soon!!!
My cousin Bob is here so things are kind of crazy. He loves to play cards and in short...just play. My time is not my own.

Oh wow, Bill just broke my lamp. I'll get back to you.

The socks are cute and perfect for you!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana!

Cute socks! Kudos to you for running and finishing! Yay!!!!!
Oh, your kitty baby in the header photo is so cute- I'm not sure he/she cared for being a valentine, huh? I love those kitty baby faces. (We had to put our senior cat down - and I miss her - but sometimes, I miss her more from a couple of years ago when she was doing better. I hope your heart has healed from losing your black kitty baby, Frankie? Right?

I love the socks and the baby socks are adorable! They all look very very comfy and nicely done - it would put a bounce in your USA step! ;)
Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

Look at you running with the Santas! Well done!
I love those socks and definitely need to visit that website! Hooray for made in the USA!

Hi Dana, Well, we cleaned up a mess and the lamp was thrown out. Sigh. My husband is kind of like a bull in a china shop. Thankfully, the lamp was not very important to me.

Bob has gone to my sister's to play cards. So we have the evening to ourselves. Nice.

What have you been up to Dana? I am missing you and your always welcome comments. I do like to keep up with you on FB. Especially your running events.

Have a great weekend.
Love, Jeanne

What a clever idea! Love the Santa theme race. '-)

Love the cute socks and Good For You finishing the race!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Thank you for the link! The word BELIEVE is very important to our family and I have it displayed all around Lavender Hill... it represents how we BELIEVE in MIRACLES because our son is a heart transplant recipient. He overcame a ZERO chance of survival and is now five years post transplant. I'm ordering both him and myself a pair of those socks - we not only BELIEVE - we watched a miracle occur right in front of our eyes!!!!

Happy, Happy Pink SATURDAY!


I am always looking for made in the USA items. During the previous presidential election I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work having been given a nice little gift card by one of our vendors at work! The lady at the window handed me a little card (made in the USA) with a voting bracelet (also USA made). I was very impressed that Starbucks took the time to find USA made products to than voters for their vote! : ) We all know the U S Olympic Committee did no such thing! Made in China!

Our youngest son is a runner and he inspires us to get out and exercise more! He had a great 3k yesterday at Joplin, MO. He attends Cowley College in Ark City, KS! I am going to head over and check out the website! Thanks for sharing it!

Hi Dana! I just love that you came and visited me! I hadn't blogged for quite a while - or visited friends, either. But, I'm back - and having fun - and yes, I like to participate in the swaps if I can. I LOVE those socks - but not running - although I should run. I just love Stone Rabbit stories - so I have to hop over here for a visit now and then!

what great socks....I love them.

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