February 22, 2013


SNOW DAY!!!!!!! Remember last summer when you were sweltering. Your hubs is a SNowSuperMan. Haha - I love that he lives for this weather to use the John Deere. I used to shovel snow before Jeff would get home from work I'd clear the slope on the driveway before he pulled the horse and buggy in.......it was a long time ago in Ohio! Did you ever get Grace's Valentine? I'm guessing you won't be getting mail today. It's so pretty. I'm putting away my Valentine stuff and watching Court TV - Sex Lies and More Lies. Arias is sooo creepy. Stay warm and off the icy roads. xoxo Nancy

Looks about like at our house but you had a couple more inches. The sun is trying to come out right now. I see blue sky!
Heard more might be in KC next week!!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana!

well it looks like ya'll had a lot of fun ! So beautiful when it's falling and first done.

Wow, that is a lot of snow Dana. So white and pretty and DEEP. We do not get deep snow here. The most I remember is 6 inches two years ago at Christmas. However, it doesn't half to be deep to keep us off the roads. The mountains are not safe when there is just a bit of snow. My Great niece and nephew live in St. Lewis and she goes to college at the University of Missouri. The snow was so bad on Friday they closed down. She was happy. I am impressed with all the snow you shoveled off your sidewalk. My back would hurt too.

Your potato soup looks delicious. Yum.

The Stone Rabbit has nice foot writing. HA!

We spent half the day taking Cheri' to the vet for her shots. (20 miles away) She weighs 14.6 lbs. She is healthy and the staff always make over her so much because she is soooo cute. Smile. Seriously, we spend more time with the staff holding her than we spend with the vet. It is a very large Veteran office and pet hospital. Great people with a high rating in veterinary medicine. Her poodle coloring is unusual and she gets so much attention because of her color. We just stand around like proud parents and love every minute of all the fuss.

Then we bowled a makeup game because of the snow on Tuesday on our driveway. Only an inch but dangerous. My sister was in Atlanta and came home around noon and as she turned on the first curve she slid off the road. No damage or injury but just that inch kept her from driving up to her house which is above ours. It is a steep road up to our homes. Thank goodness we don't get much snow.

Keep safe and warm.
Love, Jeanne

Glad I do not live in your area. I could not stand being housed in like that. Snow is pretty, but that is just too much.

Snow is everywhere! Everyone I talk with has it! I am just waiting for Spring! Like all the photos here. Have a good weekend~

Brrr...I get cold just reading your post and looking at the pictures...laughed out loud as you described the snow blower! I love that your Lawn Ranger gets to play with his toy/tools even in the deepest winter. Glad your area got some much needed moisture. I don't have weather envy, but that potato soup is another story...That pot of soup looks divine! Stay warm and think warm, Pink thoughts!

Brrr I'd right. You two make quite the snow team. No pink in all that snow, but you had the perfect pink in some nice warm soup.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.

SNOW glad I didn't have to shovel!!! Tee Hee- But you and your hubs did a great job anyway. I love snow days and cozying up inside where it's warm. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Hi Dana--That is a LOT of snow. But snow, soup and a kitty sound wonderful to me. :)
Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

Whoa! That's a lot of snow! That'll be hard to clean up, I mean to shovel. But seems like you're going to have lots of fun too! Have a great week ahead! :)

That is a whole lot of snow girl. Pretty to watch it come down if you can do so from the saftey and warmth of your home. Hate traveling in it !!!! We have a BIG tractor for our drifts and snow, cause we have 1/4 mile road up to our house to take care of. Shoveling snow is indeed back breaking work.
Glad you were able to fix yourself up a nice hot bowl of soup for a reward (I love homemade soups)

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