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February 08, 2013


Your project brought back lots of memories for you as well as some of the rest of us. Nicely done.

what a cute book!! I love it. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday Grace xoox

Oh, I like those "Mod" pages in your book. That was a blast from the past! The Beatles, Monkees, Twiggy, Laugh-In,Bell-bottoms.....fun days!
You see how "unhip" I was, I liked the Monkees!

What a fun project...you must have a lot of time or patience...or BOTH! I don't think I would have been able to make 13 pages!!!

Greatjob though!

Happy Pink Saturday!

That is adorable...how fun! I want to do one! :)

I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you'd like!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Mrs. Sarah Coller

These are so fun! So glad I found you on Pink Saturday!

Hi Dana, I do love the Itty Bitty books and especially your pages. You nailed it. What a fun project. The book cover is perfect as well. Everyone did a great job. That kept you busy.

I mailed my valentines today. I took them to the post office this morning. They were a bit lumpy with my design and they did take 20 cents additional postage. Mainly because they could not go through the automatic letter machine to cancel the stamp. They are all different and so much fun to make. I hope everyone like them. I rec'd Nancy's and Shelia's cards yesterday and they are so sweet. This was a fun idea.

The 60's were a fun era in our life too. Flower power was big but the war was a downer. We went to the U of F campus for a visit and I remember seeing raggedy men with beards and women with long hair and no shoes walking around the campus. I asked Bill who they were and he said,"Students." I was shocked because in 1964 when Bill was finishing college, girls were only allowed to come to class in skirts. My younger sister put big flowers on her car. Crazy idea but she loved having big flowers on her car. She was still single at that time. The music was good back then too.

It sounds like you running is getting better every week.Good for you Dana. I must start walking again. I need to do the dollar thing. Smile!

Have a wonderful weekend.I'm glad your weather is better. We are having freezing weather at night and 40's/50's in the day.

Our granddaughter Ashley was accepted in U of F yesterday and our grandson Cody was accepted in a program that starts in the Gainesville Jr, Collage and after one semester there he will be a U of F student. It is a special program for engineering students. Our dtr and her husband are both Industrial Engineers, so he comes by it naturally. We are so proud of them. Ashely and Cody are cousins and it will be nice that they can both be in college together. Our interest in the football games will go up a notch this fall. HA!
Love, Jeanne

Way cool, dudette. The sixties were quite a memorable and impressionable decade for so many of us. I love your pages.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana - and TSR, too.♥ It's looking very Valentiny around here. So pretty.

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