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March 15, 2013


Dana!!! You bit off his head!!! Should I say I am shocked? No, I cannot tell a lie.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Pink Saturday to you and TSR. I sure would have liked some of that tasty dinner.

Chomp! Just got your text...hahaha back at you. So glad to lift your spirit but I guess it DEPENDS! Just love the SR's new look. I think he is more Irish than anything else. He looks totally at home in green. That dinner looks so delicious and I wish I had a big plate of exactly the same thing right now. I'm stunned that your MO weather is that warm - it's been so beautiful here all week - nice for the Springbreakers and the South x Southwesters. I've been working on the little program books all afternoon. I decided to "bind" them so I'm using Washi tape for binding. It's the first I've used it and love the stuff. Also nixed the lace ties and I'm using a cotton seam binding instead. And never one to leave well enough alone I started embellishing the pockets so we'll do that at our old lady bachelorette party! Jeff says why don't you sell those to people? Right - I'm sure someone will pay a zillion dollars for programs.
Well - Happy St Patricks Day a wee bit early - Dana O'Malley. xoxo Nancy

The rabbit has the right idea, get out enjoy the day while you can.

you are funny taking a bite out of that poor little peep....personally, I don't like them.My daughter loves them though, but prefers to let them get really HARD first.


Too cute! I love your sense of humor. The Stone Rabbit looks cute in his green garland.
Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Pink Saturday..........Sarah

I love your bunny - and with the pink peeps it cracked me up! Your header is really great. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

OK, that last one got me! Poor little headless peep! The Stone Rabbit, however, is looking very dapper for St. Patrick's Day.
Have a great weekend!

This is sooooo cute!
and the decapitated peep is a riot!
visiting from Pink Saturday

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The Stone Rabbit looks very festive!
Have a great day!

I had corned beef and cabbage at Cracker Barrell yesterday, it was really good. Mr. Rabbit sure is ready for all of the Kansas City festivites!!! Loving those peeps.

happy st patrick's day and happy pink saturday! xo

Stone Rabbit looks mighty festive for today! We had our Irish meal last night- my favorite is always the sweet soda bread. There are plenty of leftovers to make some Reuben sandwiches, too. Glad you enjoyed your meal. :-) Sue

I love those pink peeps, Dana, but my favorites are yellow. I break open the wrap and place the whole package into the refrigerator! Yep, I like 'em stale.

Hi Dana, I am sitting here late at night trying to catch up with PS and I realized I did not visit you. The wedding shower was on Saturday and it was a full and fun day. My great niece Jessica said she had enough nightwear for the rest of her life. The shower was a personal shower.

I never did cook corned beef and cabbage on Sunday. After seeing your photo I am hungry for some. Marilyn and Jerry are here and Marilyn has a bad cold. She hasn't been out of the cabin since they arrived on Friday. She missed the shower as well. I took her some peeps to cheer her up. She likes to open the box and let them get stale before she eats them. Not me, I eat them as fast as I can get them unwrapped. HA!

It rained all afternoon and you can't see the mountains for the fog. I'm glad you had a bit of warm weather. We were up to 70 on Sunday but it will be cold and below freezing at night for the next several days.

Your header is adorable. Next it will be Easter. I have started working on my tags but didn't get too far. I'll finish them in the next couple of days.

The Stone Rabbit looks very festive. Too bad the sun will be gone the next few days. I do hope you won't get much snow.

Stay warm and make soup. That's what I do when it is cold.
Love, Jeanne xo

HA! HA! I just noticed your peep lost hie head. He would lose more than that if I had the chance. YUM!
xo Me again

Ah, I wish it were 80 degrees here! We received some snow (all melted now though) and we are not going to warm up enough any time soon.

BUT, I enjoyed seeing the Stone Rabbit sunning herself! Those peeps look sooooo yummy! Wish I had made it in time to join up with Pink Saturday but I was working a consignment sale this past weekend. Next time! :)


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