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March 07, 2013


Hi Dana, I too love these peeps. I wish I had some right now. Notice I said 'some.' I can never eat just one. That box would be in jeopardy in this peep loving house. Bill loves them too.

I am happy to see your grass is turning green under that huge amount of snow.Wow, you sure did get a huge amount of snow. Have you ever heard of winter wheat? The farmers plant it in the fall and it stays real green as it starts to grow in spite of tons of snow on the ground. Amazing.

I want to tell you that I re-posted last weeks pink because it was very late in the day before Beverly solved my computer problem and I only had 4 visits. I visited over 20 pinkies that evening with no response. What is up with the Pinkies? Probably busy like we are. HA!

Is your sale this weekend? I hope you have a good show if it is. Caralie couldn't leave on Weds. to do their monthly Antique show in Atlanta until much later than planned because of snow here. We stayed home and missed bridge. It was cancelled because of snow.

Marilyn will be here next Weds. for a couple of weeks. She can help me make my centerpieces for our anniversary party. We are leaving in a few minutes to go to the Balsam Inn to pick the menu for the party. It is 45 minute from here and we have errands first. It is getting closer. Yikes. So much to plan yet.

Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend.

Oh those poor bunnies.....they definately need an optician!! But so you, to put the bunnies in the snow!! Love it!

Wow! We will never have that much snow. Looks like the stone rabbit is getting ready for spring.

Peeps are all the rage around here now. They are much too sweet for me.

My daughter LOVES to eat those peeps....especially after she lets them get hard. I have NEVER liked them. I hear ya about the snow. Not always a welcome visitor, but much needed especially for the farmers around here.

Little Pink, One-Eyed bunnies are more than precious.:))

I hate a lot of snow but I sure wish we had some anyway...we are so very dry out here and spring in the Panhandle of West Texas is WINDY and BLOWING SAND. I dread it so much...we need moisture.
Happy Pinks....

Would you believe I've never had one. I love chocolate so much and have to "watch my weight," (drat it :) ), so if I'm going to indulge in calorie overload, I always pick chocolate.

My kids and grandkids love them tho- with or without eyes!

Happy Spring-is-Coming!

Well we appreciated the snow as well even though it was work getting rid of the 20" on our driveways. I'm lovin the rain today too--washing some of the big piles out and soaking into the soil.

Dana, I just can't tell you how much this post has me smiling. I am not a Peep eater, but I have two guys who love them. I already have the Peeps ready in their Easter bags. What would life be without Peeps?!

Happy Pink Saturday, my friend. Thank you to you, TSR and pink Peeps.

I do L❤VE peeps, Dana, but I prefer the yellow ones. Am I nuts? I think they taste better!

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