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April 06, 2013


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. I love this post. It was so fun to see your babies grow. They are adorable.

Glad you are finally getting your tags. The mail certainly is weird.

I hope you put the garland together this year and show it! I just love that everyone put their talent into the tags.

You are going to have the prettiest and best Easter garland next year in the whole wide world. :) Loved seeing the grand-kids Dana (that red hair gets me every time!....love it) Happy happy Spring and HPS xoxox Lynn

Loved seeing all of your Easter Photo Memories and your GrandBunnies having making such special memories for you and for themselves. Your tags are beautiful and I'm sure you will enjoy them for years to come! Thanks for stopping by and reading my LoneStar Quilting Bee story for this Pink Saturday. They started the first day of April and will run through the last day of April.
Happy Pink Saturday
Sue CollectInTexasGal
AtoZ LoneStar Quilting Bee

Hi Dana, A late visit today. I spent a large part of the day at our community center collecting money for our food part of a huge bi-annual flea market hosted by our Senior Olympics. It was fun but I didn't get to shop much this time. The venders fill four rooms in the community center including the entire indoor basketball court. It's BIG!

I totally am taken by your adorable grands and their present and past egg hunts. They are a blessing and add so many wonderful memories to your family gatherings. I really miss those years. We too had so much fun with numerous egg hunts over the years.

Ashley and Cody (cousins) will attend UF this fall. Out football trips are going to be more meaningful come this Fall. It is hard to accept that those years have flown by so fast. Not to mention our 50th anniversary coming up in just two weeks. Yes, we have been busy planning a pretty big gathering of friends and mostly family. We are getting pretty excited about this event.

I am glad you are enjoying running with your buddy/buddies. Anything is more fun when you are joined by friends and family who are as devoted as you are. Kudos to you Dana.

I know your many sales have to be stressful. You make the most wonderful things to sell and that is a time consuming process. Good luck cleaning up your room where you create all those lovely things. I have helped my sister clean up her workroom for her antique repair projects and doll renovations several times. It just doesn't stay neat when one is creating. Such is life.

Time for bed. Bill was gone for two days for his baseball draft in Florida and just arrived home tonight after 10:00pm. He was beat after driving most of the day today. I'm glad he is home safe.

Goodnight and thank you for your sweet comments about my tag. I am so relieved it finally arrived. I still haven't found my downloading device for m camera. Sigh! Your tag is beautiful Dana. A treasure for sure.
Love, Jeanne

Your grandkids have the most beautiful hair in the world!!! Oh my gosh...red hair in the sunshine is breathtaking. Jump ball for the egg in the tree - I can see that same pose 10 years in the future going for a layup!
What is up with the post office? I'd rather have consistent delivery on weekdays than "whenever" delivery taking weeks for first class. Anyway, I'm glad you finally got your tags.
Are you doing any more shows in the near future? I'm done with all the weddings. Have some upcoming projects for my graduating grandson, however, after a few days of resting up! xoxo Nancy

The Stone Rabbit: Pink Saturday Easter Memories. . . and two more tags arrive!!

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