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May 17, 2013


You are all quite the team. Kudos to all. And, pink tiaras for everyone.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.♥

I love, love, love this! I am a runner and love seeing women come together to celebrate the life of so many! And the gifts were fantastic! Well done!

A wonderful cause and great for you. I am sure after you started the run you warmed up.

Happy Pink Saturday! What a fabulous post. Beautiful women running for a wonderful cause. I love the charms and freebies you received. You are awesome Ms. Dana! Grace xoox

Good morning Dana, As always I am impressed with your perfect Pink Saturday post. How inspiring and fun. You look so happy and 'thin' which inspires me. HA! There are soooo many benefits to running. Great little gifts and gifts to spend. Kudos to you and your running friends. I admire you all.

Gotta run...my BIL had hip replacement surgery and we are on our way out to visit him this morning. He is doing well.
I am glad you had a wonderful mother's day.

Love, Jeanne

Well done! Love your photos and love that you do this every year!

Good morning Dana, Thank you for the sweetest comment on my Friends post. I treasure you as my friend so much. I hate having less time to blog but it still is something I will always love to do. I read the story about the 68 year old woman and loved her inspiration to run. I will still walk to my tape though. Our mountain roads are not running or walking friendly. We have a climb just a few hundred feet from our home and we call it "heart attack hill" HA! Really, it is a mountain road and much more than a hill.

We are going to Florida tomorrow to see our honor student granddaughter graduate from HS with 15 credits under her belt for her freshman year of college. 4.0 average with only one 'B' EVER in all her years of school. She has duel enrolled in college along with her last two years of HS. She starts college this fall at the Univ. of FL. Her cousin, our grandson, was also accepted at U of F. We are so proud of them. Ashley is 5th in her class of 381 students. She also was very active in sports and band. I don't know how she kept up with her grades with all the activities she had. She was also president of her senior class. I am shamefully bragging but grandparents have a right to brag. HA!

Have a wonderful weekend. If I am not visiting on Sat. you will know why.
Love, Jeanne

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