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June 06, 2013


I'm so proud of you Dana! What a great feeling to reach your goal and surpass it! I'm back to starting the C25K on my treadmill. So much going on in my life right now, I'm lucky to keep up with the program but it's good to have a program to keep me on track! Our family will be in the Disneyland 5K again on Labor Day weekend. I keep hoping for the day you will join us!

Holy Moly - I'm out of breath just reading this. That was truly amazing and great job on being able to write it. I wondered what the "F" was for on your shirt...I thought it was Faye! So you were group F and came in 2nd - wow. You should be proud. Nice job on the pictures but how the heck you can run and take a picture and breath and not fall is beyond me! My goal eventually is just to set some goals - but whatever goal it is it has to be OUT of the heat. Have a great weekend. Will talk to you soon and CONgratUlations! xoxo Nancy

You are really to be congratulated for all the effort you've put into your running, Dana!! What an achievement! So much of this sport is mental- psyching yourself into believing you WILL make it to the end or up a hill..... You should be so proud of yourself! xo Sue

What a great article Dana! I can just feel myself running while I was reading the description! Congratulations! I know you worked hard for that second place finish. You deserved first!!!!

You go girl! You are incredible!!!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana and TSR, too.


So proud of you! Love reading your post. I would love to participate in a 'run' and have wanted to for many years.... you may have given me the incentive to pursue it.

Happy PINK Saturday. Hope you are relaxing this weekend.


WOW! and double WOW! WOW! Can't believe you could take pictures while you ran! I can't walk and take pictures! I can't walk and text! You must have a huge grin on your sweet face!!! Congratulations on your great finish! Don't you just love setting goals and then reaching them? Mine involve less physical pursuits..like actually getting everything on my grocery list...remembering to get something out for supper...having the bed made by 8:30 each morning. Oh well, we each have our roles. You are obviously meant to inspire others! Have a Pink Week!!!

Congratulations Dana, I know others who do The Hospital Hill Run and say it's a challenge. That's a great deal coming in 2nd in your division also. Maybe next year I will come out and run it with you, I've been walking around 4 miles a day. Maybe in a year I'll be able to run also.

All I can say is, WOW! You are amazing. And, you placed so well! Inspirational, to say the least.

Way to go Dana! Very impressive stuff. You do inspire me.

Hi Dana, I am sorry I didn't visit you on Saturday. I didn't post anything either. I left my glasses at our friend's home last Thursday and it was days before I got them back.I can't see my computer without my glasses. sigh!
Your post about your run is awesome. I love that you shared how important this run was for you. The 'HILL' looks daunting. I am very proud of you Dana. I know it was a big challenge for you and "you did it." Your time was great. It takes me 45 minutes when I do 3 miles with Leslie Sansone on the CD. Your post was no way boring. I loved reading every word and enjoyed your pics so much. What a relief you must have had as you took the church pic. YAY you!!!

This is a quick note because it is late and we are still tired from our long road trip up and back. I'm going to bed so I can play a decent bridge game tomorrow. Hopefully.

Love, Jeanne

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