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July 05, 2013


Looks like a wonderful 4th of July, Dana!

Dana, I just left two comments and they are gone. What is going on?
love, Jeanne

Hi Dana...looks like you had the perfect celebration. I love your banner and it's a good thing the stone rabbit found that Christmas clip!
Enjoy your holiday weekend and Happy Pink Saturday too.
Tami xo

I love your sweet 4th of July post. I am going to try and comment again. Your darling grands look so cute gathering up candy. The weather looks awesome too.

The banner looks great where you hung it. It looks like the string has captured your cat's attention. HA! I am looking forward to receiving your banner but no worries I had five to hang and there is room for more. I was forced to do mine early because we were camping.

I just took brownies out of the oven and I am making venison spaghetti sauce. My grands love it and so do I. They all go home tomorrow. They will miss the 4th of July celebration here in Franklin because it was delayed because of rain torrents for the last few days. sigh. However, we did manage to have a great time these past two weeks.

Happy Pink Sat and happy belated 4th of July.
Love, Jeanne

Looks like a great and traditional 4th celebration. Oh - the candy throwing brought back memories. I LOVED that as a kid at our hometown parades. They have since outlawed it - something about how dangerous it is if someone gets hit by a piece of candy. Yes - such silliness is what we've come to in this land of the free . . . but . . . I politically digress. As to your banner - looking sweet on your patriotic mantle! Love your Uncle Sam bank - I have one, too. Mine's a reproduction, though - is yours the real deal?

Looks like a grand time! Love the festive banner that you made - looking forward to seeing more details of it. I made a similar one - come on over and see it! Catherine (new follower)

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