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July 19, 2013


Oh Dana, how the pixies and I enjoy reading your posts! I loved the one with your husband's funny expression as well! You have motivated me to start exercising- I should really be ashamed of myself! I just went to the cardiologist and he told me to exercise (I thought I was having a heart attack last week!) (But I am ok)
And now I am reading your post and GIRL- you should be so proud of yourself! I love how you are so engaged and doing stuff with your friends. Hope you have a fun filled weekend- and eat a "blueberryineveryhole" waffle for me and the pixies!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi :)

As usual, you made me smile with your post. Do you know they are filled with surprises!mi never know what will happen next! That's a good thing!

Hi Dana, I love your day to day experiences in your post. I so wish I could be your running/walking buddy too. I need motivation to exercise more. Mostly walking though. I loved your group photo and of course a peek at Bonnie. Tell her hello for me. I have total confidence in you to meet your goal for the half marathon run.

I too would order a blueberry in each waffle hole. HA! My favorite breakfast is a waffle. I have two waffle makers for the small and large waffles. However, I rarely make them because of the calories. We make them for our grands and they love them too.

I went to the fairgrounds to work and no one was there. I guess Sat. is a day off. Good thing because I had groceries to buy for company. Now have to clean. We haven't had water for two days but it is fixed now. YAY! However, there is sand in the pipes and we have to wait for that to clear. Sigh!

Gotta clean house now.
Happy weekend.
Love, Jeanne

I love your husband's waffle request! Just reading about your week I get tired - you are always on the go! Yea for Hostess!
Have a lovely weekend,

Wow! A 1/2 marathon. You go girl! Love your week in review.

You have a buzy time ,but sounds like fun. I like to walk but have not been able and miss it.

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