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August 02, 2013


GRAND! SPLENDID! What a great way to end a birthday - loved ones and good food and presents and knowing you really ARE the special person God says you are!!! Happiest birthday, milady!

Ah, they love you very much. I am so glad they made a fun birthday for you. You are very blessed. And, I love you, too.♥

Happy Pink Saturday, Birthday Queen.

Sounds like a perfect birthday. Beautiful flowers and dinner and perfect weather for a run and a best friend and family...yep. Perfect. I thought of you all day but as you know never got online. I'm too busy, you know....turning from left to right, adjusting my leg brace, looking at the walls etc etc. I hope hope hope that next week I get an okay to start therapy. I actually went with Jeff to a sale this morning and it was taxing and scary trying to hobble near people and I'm not sure it was worth it since I'm not supposed to walk much at all. Got out for a while though so that much was good plus I found a vintage Irmi lamp for $2! Happy belated birthday to my "older" friend, Dana :) xoxo Nancy

Happy Birthday to you! I'm so glad it ended better than it started. It sounds as if you had a pretty victorious day. Nothing better than being surrounded by the people you love - and the fur people.

We all have our down days, but so happy to hear yours turned out great. May you be blessed with many more happy, healthy ones.

I am so glad your birthday ended up special! You had too many negative things going on and really needed that. Little do they know, cards are truly the best!

Happy Birthday!! I am laughing to death with the ending of your post!!! I think you got her tenfold with that photo!! I LOVE IT!!!! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!!
Enjoy the weekend!
Gypsea Nurse

What a wonderful birthday experience. Thanks for sharing the day with us. So glad your birthday turned sunny!

Happy Pink Saturday

This is such a great post, dear heart. I am so so glad your birthday turned out so great. Family and friends are THE BOMB !!
Coongrats on your looong run...you go, girl.
Happy Belated Birthday...and many more!:)
birthday kisses and hugs, bj

A delightful ending for a birthday. Love, good food and family is the best of all.

Happy Birthday. Hope all the other issues that lead to your original funk work out for good.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dana!
So happy it turned out awesome for you....and sorry to read things have not been so great. Hoping and praying for things to get better! And Happy P. Saturday, too!

Good morning Dana, I came over yesterday to comment and family dropped in. We were together to try to cheer each other up because of how sad we were to lose our darling cousin Marilyn. We started telling stories about her and ended up laughing at the over 50 crazy years of Marilyn's annual visits to be with the sisters and the Coulter bunch.One of the traditions was to go to the sexy lingerie store and pick out the wildest outfit for her husband so he would continue to let her come to see us every year. It worked. She never missed a visit in all those years. Sigh!

I love your birthday post Dana. I didn't post about your special day this year except on FB. Sigh! Too much stress and sadness. Your birthday ended up being a wonderful extravaganza. You have a wonderful loving family and it is no wonder you have awesome friends who love you as well. Keep on running because you want to make your 1/2 marathon. I know you will do it. Your photo is so cute. I had the very same haircut when I was young. HA! Is that gorgeous photo Bonnie? Your flowers and gifts are well deserved. I do not know how you get the cutest pics of Twiggy. I love your post and you. Happy belated birthday.
xoxoxo Jeanne

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