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April 11, 2014


Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. You know I am wanting to share one of your cookies.

Those pink boxing gloves could be fun!

Happy Pink Saturday! You look killer with the gloves lol Love them. Grace xoox

Well, you sporting pink boxing gloves is quite the attention grabber photo choice, milady! I'd have opted for the tablecloth, too. I have a number of them but am always so fearful to use them - they might get dirty! Do you use yours or stuff them in a vintage fabrics dresser like I do. Boo on me - perhaps a blog post on this to get them out of the drawer is required.

Happy Birthday to Bonnie! I use my vintage tablecloths and love them. No point in letting someone else dig them out of the dumpster when my kids throw them away after I have departed this world! I'd love to have those boxing gloves, too...how did you resist? Mostly though I'd love to have boxes and boxes of those GS cookies! Unfortunately they aren't on the low carb diet I've been on for 6 weeks! We need to chit chat and catch up. Are we having a Mad Men FB party? WE have to. xoxo Nancy

I can relate to the boxing gloves as my daughter is making me do some training with them to get rid of me tuck shop arms lol. HPS Michelle

Good morning Dana, I wanted to say hello before I go outside to do gardening. Weeding and planting for Spring. I hate weeds and wonder how long it will be before I can''t do this anymore. Our mountain property is over an acre. Yikes.

Happy birthday to Bonnie. She looks great and your pics are fun to see. I know you had a grand time antique shopping. I too never tire of the "hunt" and the fun of finding a treasure. Especially with a good friend.

We always buy Girl Scout cookies and our fave is chocolate chip mint. It looks like Twiggy is curious as always. Our Cheri' is so happy Spring has finally arrived because Bill walks her in the warmer weather. Mountain walking is not easy so I walk to a walking video.

Have a wonderful weekend Dana.
Love, Jeanne

Happy Pink saturday Dana!
I am a girl scout cookie pig and hide them all around the house...snort snort!!! Try your caramel cookies right out of the freezer, you won't be able to stop!!
Love the boxing gloves!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the pixies

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