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May 30, 2014


Happy Pink Saturday.♥ I know you all are going to have great fun!

A very great way to spend time with a fellow blogger. Jeanne is one of my favorites. See gets out and about so much and gets to personally meet bloggers. You will have fun.

How fun! I am going to meet two of blog friends for the first time in a few months. Two years ago I didn't even know what blogging was all about and now I will have blog friends! Great fun!

Your cat obviously loves Pink Saturday. Fun photos!

I know ya'll will be having sooo much fun.
Hug her for me....:)

Hi Dana, I do not know if you will see this but I have to tell you that I love this post. Very cute and it made me happy that you featured the cat bag that I gave you. Twiggy and the Stone Rabbit made it the perfect threesome. Love the cute shots in each photo. Good job. Thank you so much!

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