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May 23, 2014


Thank you, Dana and TSR. You are the best pinkies ever.♥ Happy Pink Saturdays forever.

(The ice cream is delish!)

A very nice tribute honoring Beverly and Pink Saturday. A have certainly enjoyed being a small part each Saturday. Best of all getting to know Beverly. Well done!

Dearest Dana, What a ride this Pink Saturday adventure has been. I don't always post from Riverside Studios , but I have loved every one of your posts I have read. We have developed a lovely long distance friendship because of our posts and because of our Middle Sister, Nancy...You are our YaYa of the heart.

What a heartwarming tribute to Pink Saturday and to the lovely Beverly. She certainly deserves two scoops. :) Loved reading this.
Happy pinks!

LOL, Dana - looks like Stone Rabbit met Pic Monkey at the party with that hat on his head! Congrats on your Perfect Attendance Award. I've been coming to the party for some three years - and have been so blessed in meeting you - our Circle Journal group . . . you just don't know how that has released me into a new season of creativity! Taking joy as we celebrate with our Bev!
Blessings - Kathy

Hello Dana, Your story of how you started blogging and joining PS was a great read. I was always excited to visit your PS posts. I remember the 'flamingo one with Bonnie' and where we were. We were on out trip out West and in a motel. I was laughing so hard I almost rolled off the bed. HA! Bill thought I had lost it. He laughed too. Your PS posts are always fun and interesting.

I am very excited to have some time with you and Bonnie on May 31st. It will be wonderful and fun. Thank you for including me.

Until then take care and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Jeanne

Happy PS! What a nice commitment to post every week!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for sharing.

Here's to the funniest lady on Pink Saturday and a dear friend too. Happy Pink Saturday anniversary. I know what you mean about blogging. Since I have a website and a brick and mortar place too, my blogging has fallen way off. I refused to do facebook for a long time but I finally caved and you are right. It is faster and easier. I would spend hours on a blog post. But I still continue to blog, just not as often. xoxo P.S. Did I tell you my almost 9 year old grand-daughter ran her first 5K with her Dad last weekend. He is a big time runner and she did great...ran it the whole way. And he had hearts painted all over his face because Dads with daughters got painted faces....lol. He is such a good sport.

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