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June 06, 2014


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. I knew I would find you here with a smile. You are the best!

I know you girls had a great time. Jeanne is always ready for dessert. She has always told me to eat dessert first. lol Great finds for you. I love that stand.♥

Jeanne is home, but we haven't had a chance to chat.

Hi Dana
How fun that you got to meet Jeanne! I got to meet her at a bloggers lunch a few years ago and she is just as sweet as can be. So nice to see that the stone rabbit is still getting into mischief!

Wow - I didn't see last weeks post so Jeanne's visit was such a surprise. You guys are so lucky! Looks like you hit the ground running when Jeanne got there. Maybe she wasn't there long but you guys did some damage!!! I love all your finds. I got my patriotic stuff out yesterday...on my own up and down the stairs I might add!!(so grateful I can do that) Now I need to hang up my banner which is one of my favorite things! It is so neat and all my sweet circle friends (well, most!) are represented so it's extra special. Love, Nancy

Dana thanks for your visit, I know Jeanne has family near you and I hope one day to visit her too. We had a great time at Sisters and Mom long weekend. One of my sisters is having serious trouble with her liver because of diabetes, they were at my house for the last 7 days going to KU. They are home now but she is still not well. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeanne is one of my best blogging friends. Never met her in person but feel as I know her. So nice you had an opportunity to get together. Great way to spend the day as well.

Hi Dana, Your post is a perfect expression of our fun day together. The photos made me smile and I liked 'most' of them. HA!. I truly laughed at the one in the wicker chair. I look like I collapsed in the chair with no thought of my unladylike like pose. I admit I was ready to sit for a rest. The whole day was very special to me. A day with a special Pinkie friend. Thank you for a wonderful and fun time with you and your friends. It meant a lot to me.

Your purchases are displayed so well. Next you need to share the rest of your found treasures. Does your hubby read your posts? Smile!


Sounds like a great day. I'm not sure what mutton bustin' is but The Stone Rabbit looks very dapper sporting the ribbon.

What a great day, with one of my all-time favorite friends!! I wish Jeanne would be passing THIS way sometime.

And what IS Mutton Busting, anyway? Is that anything like Cow Punching?

This lifelong country girl has no idea.


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