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July 11, 2014


Looks like a fab time and any time with a friend is treasured! Turning the peat pots into Jack-o-lanterns is a great idea. Do you have pics?

Enjoy your weekend!

I wanna go. But, don't wait for me. I will probably be late. Hope you girls have a great time and make great finds.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana - and TSR, too.♥

Hi Dana, Beverly just called me and mentioned the many errors I made in typing my post. I have never seen such a mess. HA! I can only say I had just taken a strong pain pill and in my past experience in writing when on pain pills, it shouldn't surprise me. Yikes. It took both of us to correct that mess. I just said, "I hope I didn't have any comments." Of course I did. Sigh! Not only the errors were many, I actually posted two times and the first one wasn't finished. I better not drive huh?

I can see you and Bonnie had a wonderful time at the sale. It is great to see friends at these sales. I hardly ever see my high school friends either. Funny, I just had an email from a friend I went to HS with. It has been an age since I have heard from her. We met when we were 10 years old. I was so pleased to hear from her. Love the photo of you both.

I am trying to picture how you made pumpkins out of those paper mache' pots. I know you did something fabulous. Smile! I noticed the Stone Rabbit got in the photo. He sure gets around.

Have a great weekend. Our summer has been wet but not hot at all. We still have nights of 53 degrees to the low 60's. I'm loving it!

Love, Jeanne

I noticed Bonnie had her junk Diva necklace on. I love mine. I had a wonderful time with all of you when we were together. I sure did find some good buys that day and lunch was awesome. A great memory and I still have to post about it. Don't give up on me Dana. I will post it soon.

Hi Dana! Thanks sooooo much for stopping by to see my office makeover! I am thrilled it is DONE. :)

I just love how you have all of these shows to go to... I need to find some here or start up one myself!

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Well that looks like a lot of fun! I wonder how close that is to me here in Arkansas? I'll have to look it up!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

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