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October 17, 2014


Can you believe that our Royals are going to the World Series??!! I'm still in a bit of shock…!!!

Jr. League had their annual show this week. They had so many lovely things. I loved seeing all the pretty sights you had the pleasure of enjoying.

Hurrah for KC! Love the pink tree - and best wishes for your 1/2 marathon.

Hi Dana, We are in Fl for over a week again and the Gators play Missouri tomorrow. May the best team win. Big Gator smile here. It won't be a gimme that's for sure.

I thought about you running this morning. I hope all went well and you meet your goal once again. I can't imagine running that far. I think you are amazing and I admire your dedication so much. I know I have told you this before but it bears repeating. I love the 13.1 numbers on your car. You earned them.

The big pink tree is beautiful. I wish we had more activities like you have where you live. Small towns like ours just doesn't have the same type of sales etc. However, there are many things to enjoy just the same. I'm not complaining.

Happy PS.
Love, Jeanne

I forgot to tell you how proud of the Royals we are. Our family in Kansas/Missouri are thrilled too. I hope they win.

xo. Jeanne

I guess we'll both be watching it from our favorite at-home perch. But that's OK...the food is good at home, the drinks are flowing, the bathrooms are clean, and the DVR can be put on hold when we have to take a break from it all!!! Go Royals! And how 'bout them Chiefs today, huh?!??!?? That blew our minds over here! You could probably hear us hooting and hollering all the way from Lee's Summit to your house!!!

I have never been to Holiday Mart. I don't know why. I'm sure that once I give up my business license and can no longer buy wholesale that I will be there every year! It always looks like a ton of fun. That pink tree would have made my day 1000 times over!

I hope you topped your personal best yesterday! Congratulations on just gettin' out there!!!

What happened to my comment??? I would have sworn I typed a comment when I posted this. Where is my brain??? Yikes!!!

Happy belated Pink Saturday, Dana.

Happy Pink Saturday Dear Pinkie!! You are so amazing with your running you are so my idol. Can I say that is a great town you live in and that tree...did you bring it home with you? LOL Grace xoox

Girl...why didn't you ask! $1000? Sending it right up! haha
No wonder your pink tree pic had the most clicks - it's fabulous. xo

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