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October 31, 2014


Proud to be from KC...... what a wonderful weeks here in KC Go Royals!!!!

SF may have won - put boy oh boy KC made 'em fight for it. Great series to the bitter end - KC'll get 'em next year!

We were pulling for them soooooo hard and was soooooo disappointed when that Giant caught the hi fly and we couldn't get that 3rd base fella home.
Well, as you say...2015 just might be better for the Royals...

Dear Dana, I am so sorry I haven't visited your post before now. These trips to Fl have been a killer for finding time for my computer. Only one more game to travel to FL to see the Gators play. They are playing more but we are staying home. I am looking forward to winter and some time to be cozy and having more time on my computer.

I am happy for you that Missouri is doing so well this year. Our great niece is in her junior year at Missouri. She was in the Marching band but her school work takes up so much time and she had to quit the marching band. They sure killed the Gators and being at that game was painful. Sigh!

We were thrilled that the Royals did so well and nearly won the World Series. Your post is a "fine" tribute to their success this year. Kansas City went all out and Bill's sister and family enjoyed the excitement as well. They have every right to be proud of how far they went in the series. I love the photo you shared of your friends all rooting for the Royals. I would have loved to share all the excitement with all of you.

We are glued to the voting results and praying we take the majority in the Senate. It is looking good.

Love you much and miss visiting you. Have a great week.

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