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October 03, 2014


How 'bout them Royals, huh???? How 'bout 'em???!!?!? They really pulled it off!!! I am so excited for Kansas City right now with all the great stuff going on on the sports front. The CHiefs spanked the Patriots on Monday Night Football, the Royals are hot...it's a wonderful time to be a Kansas Citian!!!

I'd love to see that big pink ribbon on the lawn at the courthouse! I may slide by there tomorrow if the wind dies down. Man, it was windy today! Just about blew me off the highway!!!

I commend you for getting out there in spite of the weather and the lack of light to get your run in! I used to be that way. Now look at me. Oh, woe is me...and fat! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, and GO ROYALS! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

ISn't the camaraderie of a winning season a beautiful thing?

Great post, dear heart..
Happy Pinks

yeah KC it's been awesome week,,,,,,

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. Are you laughing yet? I know it must be laughable that I am just now getting here to visit, but can we say that at least I made it?!

I was thinking of how excited you must be with those wins! Some people just don't get all the fun of sports.

I love seeing all the pink support. I try to support corporations that show support for good causes.

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