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December 19, 2014


At least, stone rabbit has a choice of mugs he wants. Have a Merry Christmas.

I love your Santa pitchers...cute as can be.
I get started with my shopping early and USED to have them all wrapped and bagged by Thanksgiving. What happened????? I don't know because here it is the weekend before Christmas and I've been wrapping and bagging all day long. I'm tired (remember, I'm olden) and I'm on my way to b.e.d.
Merry Christmas

Hi Dana, My motto is...If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done. Sometimes I try to not put myself in a stressful situation but mostly I go with the last minute flow. HA! I bet your house looks awesome. I like the idea of visiting each others homes (tour) That would certainly be motivational.

I like the Stone Rabbit with the collection of cute Santa mugs. I have some too but I didn't get them out this year.

On Sunday afternoon we are having a Christmas party with 20 of our friends from bowling and Senior games. It is potluck and I am making ham and a turkey breast. Plus a dessert etc. We have done this before and it is always a fun time. Potluck always turns out perfectly. (I hope) We also serve the beer, wine and soda etc. No one drinks much.

It is late and I must say goodnight.

happy pink saturday! best success with your christmas ambitions! xo

Love your Santa pitchers. The one on the right looks a lot like the Santa mug I got as a child and still have. I too do a lot of my best work under pressure but this year I truly took a lot of it off by saying no. With the new puppy - I had way to much "help" to get anything done so I let it go and as much as I miss it, I am really ok.
Merry Christmas Dana ~ so glad that we have reconnected.

Okay, I know I am about the latest ever, but here I am. Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas, dear Dana.

I love your vintage Santa pitchers, and I don't know that I have ever seen one. I have seen the Santa mugs. Beware one might go missing, and don't even consider me as a suspect.♥

Must tell you that your thumbnail was "the one that caught my eye" this week.

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