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June 05, 2015


So sweet! I loved seeing all of your pictures about the new family.

Ah, you know I have loved watching these little babes. You made my day!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.♥

Thank you for sharing this blessing. I'm thankful to know there are people out there who still see furred and feathered neighbors as a blessing and to enjoy them even if it is a some inconvenience. I now live in a neighborhood where this is NOT the case and it is very upsetting at times to live among neighbors with such hard hearts. You and the stone rabbit always make me smile, but you have lifted my heart in a special way today. Angels to you!

Love this...and the Vacancy sign is tooo cute...:)

Great feature on the birth of the birds. My neighbor had one like this last year and we loved watching the day to day activity.

Oh Dana what a special gift to see those babies grow up...beautiful photos.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Birds are so sweet but better they find a new home because I am always the one that has a stray cat come over and snatch those babies outta the nest! :-(

I noticed a nest forming in our son's Direct TV dish at his new home. Uhoh....

The pictures are precious. Thank you for sharing.

Anne xo

Good morning Dana, We are home from Fl and I am happy to say my plants all survived our 10 days away from home. Our great nephew Coulter was my water boy. Next week I will post about it. It was a pretty big job believe me.

I absolutely adore your beautiful post today. I'm late commenting because of being away from home for two weekends. Your photos and your story should be a book. I'm serious. I have followed you on FB with this miracle of Spring but putting it altogether just makes it amazing. I especially loved the fledgling robin sitting on the sign. It is such a perfect quote for this baby bird on it's way to his new life. I pray it will be a long one.

Have a wonderful week.

Love, Jeanne

Wow what great pictures they are fun to caught
Hope you !, have a great week

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