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August 21, 2015


HOORAYYYYY - Thank you for MORE encouragement that FALL IS COMING! I've missed it so and am SOOOO looking forward to it.

Love your granddog - My grand dog, who is currently laying at my feet, says WOOF (or will if and when he wakes up :) ).

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.


Always enjoy taking a venture with you whatever it might be.

Happy Pink Saturday! Oh how I wish we had signs of Autumn here..I hate hot. We did finally drop out of the triple digits though.Our Izzy sends hugs to your Izzy xo

Yes, enjoy your summer runs. Autumn will soon be here, and they predict it will be a wet, cold winter.

Hello Dana, We are having a few signs of Fall here too. The burning bushes are already turning red. I am looking forward to Fall because the summer has been a full house around here. Great fun but I am ready for a rest.

The weather has been great all summer here. I wonder if we will have a cold winter.

My sister who is widowed is moving into our cabin in Sept. I am glad to have her close by. We have always been very close and she is not well. This way I can help her if needed.

It is great to have time to visit again. I have missed you,

Have a great week walking and running. Your grand dog is so cute.
Love, Jeanne

I loved seeing all of the photos from your ventures out on a mild summer day. All that green, green grass - one of my all time favorite things. All of the grass around here is brown because of our water rationing. Seeing your holly bush made me miss our old house that had the best holly bush! The grand dog is adorable! Thanks for all the memories!

What a nice yard... what a nice walk. I think I am getting ready for fall as well but surely dread the coming of winter.

Yes this weather has been so nice and comfortable, we love it. Our deck in the morning seems like Colorado..

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