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August 14, 2015


I love your photos of the zinnias! I also enjoy that they remind you so much of your mother. The flower that is my nemesis for growing is dahlias. They're so beautiful but not in my yard. Tell the Stone Rabbit that my favorite summer flowers are roses (of course), hydrangeas, and those elusive dahlias.
Have a lovely weekend!

Zinnias are at the top of my list too. I've not had good luck growing them, but your friends certainly does!
Happy Pink!

I love zinnia's too but don't have room in my garden to grow them. I just gaze over at the one's in my neighbors garden!

I love them, too. I have only a small pot of them but hope to get seeds when they "die" back and plant some in the ground.
Happy Pinks...

I do love Zinnias too but haven't grown them in ages. I think my favorite is peonies, I just wish they bloomed longer. The scent takes me back to my birthplace where they grow everywhere.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana - and TSR, too.

We were definitely on the same zinnia wavelength. I haven't tried to grow them yet, but it is something I always intend to do. So far my intend to hasn't worked. Maybe I need to write myself a sticky note.

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