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September 11, 2015


Somber day 9-11, thanks for sharing your memories. I know the awful few hours we waited to find out my cousin & brother (Pentagon) were ok . My heart goes to the families who waited and received bad news.
Gail in Virginia

It seems strange that Pink Saturday falls on this weekend of remembrance. Like you, I remember how beautiful the skies were here at the exact time of this national tragedy.

Today we will use Pink Saturday as a day of remembrance.

Great post ,Eveyrone has a story

Dana, this is a lovely post in tribute to those lost on 9/11. Thank you!

Funny that you remember the sky. Yesterday my mom and I were talking and she said the same thing. The skies were so blue. Then there was the smoke. At the time I lived 60 miles south of Manhattan in a small coastal town. Manhattan seemed far away until that day. We could see and smell the smoke and our cars were covered with a fine grey ash. I worked in a large independent pharmacy back then. After, in the morning a list would be sent over from the first aid or fire dept. for supplies they needed before heading up to ground zero. I remember how quiet we became picking the supplies, filling those boxes. It was a respectful, prayerful silence. Each of us honored to be a part of the journey back even if we were only a very, very small part.

We took it for granted, we New Yorkers.

Hello Dana, I too have wonderful memories of when the five sisters all visited NYC for a week. However, it was after 9/11. Ground zero was still a mess but the wall of the names of those who lost their lives was finished. We had a great visit but the signs of the tragedy weighed heavy on our hearts. Your t-shirt is a sad reminder but I understand why you can't get rid of it. A bitter sweet memory.

Hope you have a great week.
Love, Jeanne

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