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October 23, 2015


Yay. Good job!

Go Dana! I'm cheering for you. '-)

Congrats, Dana! You are so inspiring!!!!! You make me want to get out there and try one. Maybe, just maybe!

Have a wonderful weekend...hope it is pretty where you are. Our leaves are just about ready for taking family photos in the park.


Wow what an amazing day! Congrats!!Happy Pink Saturday

What a great recap of the day and the pictures are great. I am so glad that you do this as we can look back on our accomplishments as we try to do better at the next race. You are an amazing runner and you have great endurance. Thanks again for documenting the day!

Lovely post. Enjoy the detail. Congrats on your accomplishments. A lovely day I am sure you will cherish as a family memory. The Stone Rabbit always makes me smile, and your blog is one I always look for when I visit Pink Saturday. Happy Pink Saturday! Susan - eclecticshorebird@blogspot.com

I don't get the whole "running thing" but sure do admire your stamina and enthusiasm! Since my Giants aren't in it this year I can wholeheartedly say Good Luck to your KC Royals!

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