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November 13, 2015


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. You and Izzy have such a lovely walk route. We have so enjoyed watching the changing leaves this year. Now, Ray is having "so much fun" getting up all the falling leaves.

Considering the leaf filled tree caused Stone Rabbit to fall earlier this year, I bet he's secretly smiling that all the leaves are falling, leaving the tree " nekked"

Dana, what a lovely walk! Oh my Little Bear wishes we had a dog treat man living near us! What a sweet fellow!

Your stone rabbit looks so content among the leaves.

Th leaves have not started to fall where I live in Texas. We are always behind in that area.

Lovely walk. Thanks for sharing As always, happy Pink Saturday to you and the Stone Rabbit!
Susan, eclecticshorebird@blogspot.com

Beautiful! The Stone Rabbit among the leaves is classic!

We have already had a bit of snow. Your photos are so lovely. HPS to you and enjoy your weekend. Take care.

Hi Dana, Your trees did have such pretty color and it was nice to see the process. I think I will do something like that for our very tall maple tree next year. Izzy is such a cute dog. How fun that you have a dog treat man in your neighborhood. Just like the ice cream man. LOL.

We just came home from watching a musical in our local theater. It was 'The Adams Family' and so entertaining. We have the most talented local theater group in our town and I have never seen a bad show with them. For such a small town our performance center is awesome. We are very fortunate.

We can't stop watching the news about the tragedy in Paris. We are so glad we are home safe and sound. I hope the world had a wake up call and will finally do something to end this terrorist group.

Have a great week.
Love, Jeanne

Oh Wow Dana I think every neighbourhood should have a dog treat man!! We had a local Post Office lady that would allow dogs into the store, we always went to that PO! Looks a glorious winter with you :)
Wren x

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