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April 01, 2016


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana and TSR, too. I told Theodore that yo might be visiting with an April Fools prank. He is ready for you.

Dana, I can't believe you went to school in a one room schoolhouse. That must have been a great environment for the children.

This is a great post. I lived close to a one room school but went to a two room school - Grades 1-4 and 5-8 each had their own room. Rural living was definitely unique and different from those that went to school in the larger towns (didn't want to say cities as we did not use that terminology in the area where I grew up in northeast Kansas). Thanks again for the walk down "memory lane" on April Fools Day. Love the Stone Rabbit's book that he got from the library!

I definitely can realty to your school experience. I go way back. We had several grades in one room. I remember a lot of what went on, but times tends to erase some things. The girls looked forward to Valentine.

I have seen a few one room schoolhouses that are historical buildings these days. Such terrific memories you have shared and your photo is priceless. HPS and I am very happy I stopped by. Enjoy your weekend. xo

Happy PS Dana! Wow- what a post and what lovely memories! Can you imagine if a lunch lady did that nowadays? Yikes! I had a giggle at your rabbit and his book- nice to visit again! xoxo Tobi and the Pixies

Fantastic post today, I love history and yours is so neat. I LOVE the picture and the memories.

Hi Dana, I loved this story so much. I lived on a farm in MI and I attended a 4 room school that taught all 12 grades. Our mother graduated from that school as Valedictorian. A tough act to follow. Smile. My cousins in the next township 20 miles away went to a one room school though. It was up to the 8th grade as well.

We did not have a place to eat except in our class rooms. We always packed our lunch. I had a big chuckle over the stuffed straw incident. Remember straws then were not wrapped individually. Love the photo of the school and the class picture. A great post to share.

April fool was always fun when we were young. We always tried to fool people then. I needed ideas from your book. HA!

Have a great week.
Love, Jeanne

Dana, what a fun memory. Thanks for sharing this bit of history from your youth. I didn't go to elementary school in a small community such as this, but I had a cousin who did. One year before I was in first grade, I visited my cousins and went to school with them for the day. It is a special memory to think of this classroom full of various ages and grades. I often thought of that classroom when as an elementary teacher it became popular to have open classrooms with a non-graded concept. Ha! That concept didnt last long. I think educators realized it was a huge leap from one room to open concept.

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