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June 10, 2016


I love reading. However, after got involved with computer, not doing as much.I stopped buying them as well. I go to the library.

I used to read a lot....blogging stopped most of that.

It is harder to read in the summer for me than the cooler months. But I love it just the same. I recently joined the Premier Design and became hopefully someone's favorite jewelry lady! I am reading the founders book and it is quite interesting. Our youngest son is a runner and I have tried to get into the sport but I am a better fast walker. I admire runners, the dedication and I do occasionally run, when my knees will let me. Many years ago a young doctor told me never stop moving my knees so I took her advise and try occasionally to run with it! Have a great weekend. HPS!

Hi Dana, I just finished my PS post so be sure and check it out. I had fun doing it.

I too have stacks of books I want to read. We listen to books on tape so much I have gotten lazy about reading. I have to say, the great books on tape now really keeps us well read on many fine authors.

Your stack looks interesting. Reading books about running for you is a given. Big smile here.

It is good to be home but we miss our baby Lily Mae so much already. I will be doing a post on our visit with our grandson next week. Lily Mae is such a happy baby. They do not know what a blessing that is!

Have a great weekend.

HI, I'm visiting from Pink Saturday. What a beautiful blog you have. Mr. Stone Rabbit is gorgeous!

I have about 300 books on my Goodreads to-read list. It will take me 10 years to read them all!! And, of course, I will keep adding new titles, so soon, the to-read list will be 400. As the saying goes...so many books, so little time.

Happy weekend to you,
Patti @ Embracing Home

I agree, I like to flip the pages of a real book. ;-)
Good luck with your stack. Mine is mounting up as well. I need the Stone Rabbit to keep me focused!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Belated Pink Saturday, Dana. Remember, better late than never. haha

I am so "off" on my reading this year. Just too much going on, and I really miss my reading time.

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