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October 09, 2016


Wish I had you dedication and running ability. I used to walk four miles a day but got out of the habit. Hard to get back. It is a wonderful exercise for all.

You are an amazing lady with many, many, talents!!

Hello Dana, We are in Fl with our daughter who lives in Orlando. They came through the hurricane without issues. We are here for a visit and a Gator game this coming Sat. Our drive here was among many people returning home from evacuation. A 10 hr. drive took 12.5 hours. Yikes. We are glad and grateful to be here safe and sound.

Your chocolates look delicious and I would hide them from Bill no question. HA! A lovely gift.

Your running and running mates are very impressive. You are so fortunate to have so much running experience to draw on for strength and encouragement. Love the photos and the smiling aces. Best wishes on your very long run coming up. We all should be grateful for the many blessings we have every day.

Have a wonderful week.
Love, Jeanne

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. I know I'm late, but I finally made it. You are so special to me, too. Pink Saturday brought us together, and we've shared so much. You hold a place in my heart.

I can't wait to hear more about the marathon. You know I always, always think you are amazing!!!

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