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November 11, 2016


Terrific recap of your very special day. You worked so hard at training for this event and I can't be more proud of your success!! I knew all along that your time would be under the 6 hour cut off time as you are one determined lady. Congratulations again on your success!

I am bowing down to you, Dana. Absolutely amazing!!! You did it.♥ All of you are great.

Happy Pink Saturday to my running buddy and her little buddy, TSR.

Oh my word Dana, I was glued to every word and couldn't wait to see if you finished. I am sorry this comment is belated but I was in Florida and not on my computer at all. Today I posted on PS and I didn't see your thumbprint. I wanted to see if everything was alright. I am so happy I was able to read this beautiful running story. Seriously, this should be printed in a running magazine. I am sooooo proud of you and your darling family and many running friends that support you in such a beautiful and heartwarming way. To me, you are the poster girl about choosing running for the sake of health and feeling of accomplishment, not to mention the many goals you have set and completed. Congratulations and did I mention how darn proud of you I am? BIG happy smile here because of your story.

Much love,

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